Halo Shapes - What a Jeweled Border Looks Like

Halo Shapes – What a Jeweled Border Looks Like

Halos are a popular decoration for diamond rings and other jewelry. They are made of little jewels, usually diamonds, that surround one or more larger stones. Halos add brilliance, and depending on the design, a study in contrast with bigger gems. The gems in halos are often the same cut and size, though what these are varies.

Some Swoony-Worthy Brooches to Add to Your Collection This Year

Some Swoony-Worthy Brooches to Add to Your Collection This Year

Brooches are pins that embellish lapels of coats, collars of sweaters, beams of hats and sides of boots with extraordinary aesthetic power. A piece of ornament that was designed back in the days when women loved to wear fist-sized pendants and gem-heavy necklaces, many of us have inherited these swoon-worthy pieces from our family line.

Top 5 Iconic Bracelets and Bangles That Flatter Any Style

Top 5 Iconic Bracelets and Bangles That Flatter Any Style

Many of your accessories are already highly fashionable and chic, while some are still struggling to get there. No matter how close or far you are from becoming the chic chick from your Instagram profile, everybody can use a little fashion advice.

Customized jewelry in 3D printing

Customized Jewelry and 3D Printing

Customization came into being early this century as a way of passing the control over to the buyers, and before we knew it, it journeyed through industries making general commodities made-to-order for buyers. In the jewelry industry, the fad of customization came much later, but it made up for the lost time by giving customers freedom of choice and control over the price.

Three prong setting

The 5 Common Styles of Diamond Stud Settings

The answer to the easiest way to accessorize any outfit is diamonds, and when the question lingers on to what kind of jewelry, the answer is a pair of sparkling, timeless, diamond studs.

November Newsletter - Earrings

Stunning Earrings

As their name suggests, earrings are a type of jewelry worn on the ear. Though some designs are offered as single pieces or sets of three, most come in pairs. Earrings come in a variety of shapes, including hoops, spheres, and squares. Complex styles may include hanging elements, knots and interlocking pieces.

Article about Earring Types and Skin Care

Earring Types and Skin Care

Earrings come in many forms. Studs are affixed to a post or clip, and stay close to the earlobe. Some types are quite minimal, with each piece consisting of a single diamond or gemstone. Elaborated versions may hold gem clusters, carved jewels, or intricate folds of precious metal.

December Newsletter - Long Chain Necklaces

Long Chain Necklaces

Necklaces are a type of jewelry worn around the neck. They can be made of many materials, from string and glass to precious metal and jewels. Archaeologists have found examples which date as far back as the Neolithic period. Length varies among necklaces. Some sit snug against the base of the neck while others can hang past the waist. How long a necklace is depends on several factors, including aesthetic, trends and individual preference. Large pieces can be made of many materials, including beads, gemstones or chains.

Chain Necklace Types

Chain Necklace Types

Sautoirs are opera or rope necklaces which sport a pendant, jeweled tassel or other hanging element. They enjoyed a heyday when columnar silhouettes were in vogue. Their length making the wearer look taller and slimmer. When convertible jewelry was popular, sautiors lent themselves well to becoming bracelets, brooches and other pieces, then back into necklaces.

About Prongs - Elements of a Setting

About Prongs – Elements of a Setting

Prongs are portions of a ring which hold diamonds in place. They’re often made of thin bands which rise from the shank and bend at the tips to secure the jewel. Many settings for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands use a variation on prongs. They serve both practical and decorative purposes.

About Brooches


While rings are designed for fingers, bracelets for wrists and so forth, brooches aren’t limited to a specific body part. They’re designed to be fastened to wherever the wearer pleases. The pieces are usually placed on the chest, though they may also appear on shoulders, necklines and other locations.
Brooches can take on many shapes and sizes, from a discrete circle to a form that reaches from collar to navel. They can be made of materials like plastic or glass for casual occasions or extravagant confections of carved gemstones and gold. Not only can they be placed anywhere, brooches can be utilitarian, purely decorative, or serve multiple tasks at once.

Bracelets - Your Fashion Statement

Bracelets – Your Fashion Statement

Bracelets are a type of jewelry worn around the wrist. Their origins are hazy, making hard to pinpoint their debut. In the present, they’re popular for all occasions.
Plastic beads may be worn for school or a day on the beach, a gold cuff for a night out and a diamond bracelet for a cocktail party.
Other types of jewelry may be described as bracelets. You may have heard terms like arm bracelet, ankle bracelet, and so forth. These phrases can be misleading. Armlets are pieces worn around the upper arm, anklets around the ankle and bracelets around the wrist.

Floral Jewelry a Celebration of Color

Floral Jewelry a Celebration of Color

Nature provides an endless source of inspiration for artists. Throughout the ages, jewelry designs have emulated invoke stars, animals, the seasons and more. Flora such as trees and flowers are especially popular, combining two already beautiful things.

Floral Jewelry: The Growing Trend and Its Wares

Floral Jewelry: The Growing Trend and Its Wares

Flora has a very special place in jewelry, often imitated down to the last detail in intricate pieces. Though every spring the jewelers bring about a bounty of floral jewelry, these pieces are not dedicated to spring brides alone.

Cufflinks adding details to Men's formals

Cufflinks: Adding Details to Men’s Formals

Suiting up for the big evening is just not enough if a standout is what you want to be. There are many ways to liven up your suit and make it distinguishable from the rest. Cufflinks is one of the very few accessories that can make a world of a difference to a suit. Small, but distinct, a pair of cufflinks can flatter your attire like nothing else. Cufflinks are fashioned to up the ante or downplay the sense of stiffness in a suit.

Cufflinks are works of art

Cufflinks are Works of Art

Shirts were originally worn to protect outer garments from perspiration and other things, as well as to prevent chafing. Depending on the era, shirts were completely hidden from view, or elements such as collars and cuffs peeked through. Visible portions were more likely to be embellished.

About Appraisals

About Appraisals

When a diamond is graded, the jewel is examined to determine the quality of its cut, color, clarity and carat. Appraisal also applies to jewelry. The precious metal is examined for hallmarks denoting the type of material and its quality.

Article about Noted People in Jewelry

Noted People in Jewelry

People have enjoyed fine jewelry since jewelry was invented. Some, not content to simply admire, have made a point to express their love of the art in ways that makes others notice. There are many people who have made a name for themselves in the field, as collectors, artists, innovators or a combination thereof. Some have been so influential that their work is still felt decades after their deaths.

Jewelry Techniques - Decorative Elements

Jewelry Techniques – Decorative Elements

Enameling, Cloisonné, Cameo, Intaglios, Champlevé, Basse-Taille, Plique-a-Jour, Horror Vacui vs. Openwork, Inlay, En Tremblant, Lacquer, Tassel, Gardinetto, Commesso, Pietra Dura, Micro Mosaics, Garland, Figural

Manufacturing Techniques

Manufacturing Techniques

Different types of manufacturing techniques include Lapidaries, Lost wax casting, Centrifugal Casting, 3D Printing, Sketching, Permanent Casting, Polishing, Setting, Goldsmith, Silversmith, Metal Clay, Wire Jewelry, Wire Drawing, Laser Engraving, Fabrication, Annealing, Professional Cleaning, Jewelry Designer, Findings.

Manufacturing Tools

Manufacturing Tools

Rubber Molds, Wax Trees, Solder, Bench and Jeweler, Drawplate, Mandrel, Faceting Machine, Wax Model.

General Cleaning

General Cleaning

Even the most beautiful and well-made jewelry may dull over time. The more a piece is worn, the more likely it is to come into contact with dust, body oils, cosmetics and other things which may interfere with the way it hangs or reflects light. Restoring jewels to their former glory is as simple and perplexing as cleaning.