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The Story of a Necklace

Our Method of Designing – As a jewelry maker, we believe that there are no short cuts to extraordinary work, and with that in vision, we go the long way to design our jewelry to perfection. That is not to say that we boringly play by the rules, because there’s no creativity in that. Valentin Magro strongly believes in diligence. That is why the process of designing your jewelry is done with you.

A Tête-à-tête with Our Artists – Our artisans meet each of our customers who have bespoke order requests and during these meetings they discuss things out as clearly as possible. Our designers do not like to leave things to chance or for later, and that is why we earnestly request our buyers to find some time to see them first when taking the order. At this point, we accept drafts for diamond bands and other jewelry if you have any to offer. To bypass the inaccuracies of thoughts, expressions and interactions, our designers start preparing a rough draft right before our clients just to get a proper idea of the requirement.

Over to the Prototype Makers – Our designers take it over to digital drawing software CAD to finish the rest of the draft. Here, three dimensional replicas of the design conceived earlier is created. The 3D designing is integral to the process because it is here that flesh is added to the bones down to the last details. With the use of artistic visions and keystrokes, the designers create the first version of wedding bands and other pieces on CAD.

3D Printing of the Products – At the final stage, the images created in CAD are sent to the mills and printers for a full 3D printing of the product. A resin or wax replica is created through 3D printing that goes to serve as the mold for the real jewelry.

Sketch of diamond and pearl necklace
Wax pieces made according to proper size
Pear drops with petals wax pieces
Wax tree model
Cast pieces of the necklace
Preparing cast piece for soldering
Jeweler torch used for soldering
Soldering a piece of the necklace
soldering before setting diamonds
soldering pieces of the casting
Jeweler setting diamonds
Jeweler trying clasp for necklace
Polishing and finishing diamond piece
Jeweler setting more diamonds accurately
Jeweler drilling holes for diamonds in clasp
Buffing metal with soft rotary tool
Jeweler adjusting prongs on setting
Pearls laid out according to size
Marked casting ready for drilling holes
Washing diamond set piece
Washing diamond set piece close up
Jeweler cutting and bending prongs of settings
Display of bent prongs
Display of cut prongs
Finished diamond piece
Finished pieces with pearls positioned on wax
Finished pieces positioned on wax
Finished pieces positioned on wax different angle
Finished diamond and pearl necklace
Finished diamond and pearl necklace on neck display