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Necklaces in Trend This Year

The year 2017 arrived with an incredibly tempting collection of jewelry that wear the feel and essence of freshness and newness. While some are concepts from last year improved beyond recognition, others are wholly new. From modern to classical, concept to geometric, this year is all about diversity in the jewelry industry. In all that, […]

About Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are delicate, but colored diamonds are just as rare as it gets. Though colored diamonds are not exactly scarce in nature, they do not share the glory of their achromatic cousin because of the consumers’ tendency to trending. Colored diamonds are so blurry in people’s knowledge that most are unaware of the many fantastic […]

Why GIA Certified Diamonds Alone Make the Best Choices in Diamonds

The name GIA is mentioned almost every time someone says something about a diamond. So, how exactly are these two so integrally related? Why can’t one exist without the other, not even in words? If you looked in the right place, you will find tons of articles ranting about why you should only and only […]

Spring Time Floral Jewelry

Spring is the season of revival, the passage from a wintry wintering state to one of rebirth and vitality. As the nature skips from one to another, fashion designers take cue from this natural transition to infuse their creations with the idea and element. This spring, the market has seen an overload of springtime floral […]

Top 5 Most Expensive Diamonds of All Time

Diamonds big and small are exploited in different countries across the world. But every once in a while, the miners strike gold. They come upon massive chunks of rare diamonds that, if extracted in their wholeness, go out into the world to be catalogued as one of the most expensive ones to be ever mined […]

Bridal Diamond Jewelry to Complete the Wedding Day Outfit

Are you preparing for the day of your life that you have all along fantasized in your mind? You need to be thinking more than a bombshell dress and expensive shoes. Your bridal ornaments have to be equally eclectic. Most dresses with plunging necklines are advertised for bare neck styles. But, if you are a […]

The Recipe for a perfect Surprise

The impact of any surprise intensifies with the buildup. The longer you build the suspense, the sweeter it makes the finale. So, for all you people out there who are planning to surprise their significant other on an occasion or an excuse, there is certain formula of planning a surprise. Though the thematic elements may […]

The Price Puzzle of Gold Jewelry

The math behind calculation of gold jewelry is always a little too elusive to be grasped. With the rates changing every minute, it is a puzzling algorithm. Having not known how it’s done, there is little left to do than wait patiently while the salesman computes the price of the day for you. Mathematics is […]

Art Jewelry Taking Over Older Traditional Style

Art is inherent in all creative pursuits, and that applies to jewelry designing as much as to painting and poetry. After what seemed like an entire age of safe betting, the jewelry industry in 2016 is moving towards the precipice of a stark reformation. We have, for long now, seen and satisfied ourselves with traditional […]

The 10 Known Cuts of Diamond

Diamonds are cut and shaped differently, each magnifying the brilliance of the stone through its individual aesthetic distinctiveness. In this century, there are 10 known cuts in which diamonds are shaped, sized and sold in the market. While some are fancy, others are classic. Each of these cuts bring the best of the shape, size, […]

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