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Keeping the Diamonds Shiny Like the First Time

A sparkler doesn’t continue to sparkle in similar intensity throughout its life. Though following every little cleaning act, they may appear as shiny as new, that is actually a decimal lesser than the last, each time. So, what does one do to keep their diamonds shimmering with undiminished radiance throughout? Well, the answer lies in […]


The Idea of a Perfect Anniversary Celebration by Popular Opinion

Every married couple has their respective opinions about what makes an anniversary celebration ideal. Some like to go back to the place where they first met, while others’ celebrate over a quiet romantic dinner. Though perspectives and perceptions differ far and wide, pivoting on their stories, there are some ideas that have won popular voting […]


A Closer Look at the Perfect Wedding Ring

A perfect wedding ring is the one that makes the promise of a lifetime, but does not rob you off your life’s savings. Though many might read that as a little indelicate, it’s practical. The warning of budgetary constraint can be pushed to the back of the head, but can’t be completely gotten rid of, […]


Loveliness Redefined: Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

If you have been searching for an exquisite engagement ring that reflects the inimitability of your beloved, a pink diamond engagement ring is an exceptional choice to surprise her. The sheer distinctiveness of the color elevates it to a different level of originality. Argyle pink diamond engagement ring There are pink diamond engagement rings. And […]


Chrysoprase – The Potent Protector

Chrysoprase is a name that sounds a trifle unfamiliar to your ears accustomed to hearing about diamonds, pearls and emeralds, right? Fret not, now you have the option of wearing yet another beautiful gemstone on your person. Strangely, this wonderful apple green quartz was available in jars just about ten years ago. However, the good […]


A Peek at the Less Known Motley Variants of Diamond

Colorless diamonds have enjoyed such uncontested popularity through centuries that everything else has been conveniently eclipsed behind its undying glory. It took eons for the other varieties of diamonds to finally come to the forefront to claim their due admiration. Buyers have long shopped translucent diamond jewelry and people’s swelling interest in colored gemstones only […]


Jewelry That Will Make You Fall in Love with Emeralds All Over Again

Emerald is a gemstone that seeks to highlight any skin tone; brown, black, Caucasian, name it and there is emerald for all. Recently, jewelers have returned their focus on emerald, taking a quick break from diamonds to shine the spotlight on this pretty gemstone. With time, the approach to the designs of emerald ornaments has […]


Some Near-Perfect Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions, not only on their 25th or 50th time, but every time. It is the day that commemorates the nuptial union of two people, and more importantly the bonding of their hearts. So, it is almost imperative to present something lovely as herself on every anniversary. Now most people run out […]


How to Care for Your Diamonds to Sustain the Shine and Shimmer

All diamond stones need an aftercare routine to keep the shine and luster from fading with time and use. According to gemologists, the brilliance of a diamond is a lot more enduring, and that, though contrasts with the finds of most users, is only because these little babies were not cared for in the right […]

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