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What your Jewelry Says About You

You may have heard about how your fashion speaks for itself, but did you know that it speaks for you too. Particularly, your jewelry lets out a lot about you as a person than you realize. You may just look at it as a way of pepping up your attire or plain accessorizing it for […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Bests Money Can Buy

A slapdash pick is anything but encouraged when finding a gift for someone close to you, and when it’s your dear dad, special care needs to be taken in the decision making. Whether you have a cool dad or a doting one, whether he is the one who awakened the adventurer in you or put […]

What’s Setting the Trend in the Jewelry World

We are almost on the third quarter of this year and everything that has been happening until now across industries are cleaving into a trend. In fashion, things however keep changing a touch more rapidly than in others. So, far, three fashion seasons have been on the roll, starting with the early winter fashion followed […]

Diamond Ornaments Every Woman Should Have in Her Vault

Diamonds are precious and that explains why there is at least one diamond entry in every woman’s bucket list. But outside of her wish list, there are some diamond jewelry that a woman should have in her vault. To the relief of most, not all diamond jewelry cost a leg and an arm. That said, […]

Summer Jewelry for the Lovely Ladies

Summer is almost here and everything feels just as pleasant as always. In the world of fashion, things are always in a shuffle, and designers all caught up trying to put together the summer collection. Jewelry for this season has already started to arrive in the stores and the best are out on display gravitating masses […]

Some Jaw Dropping Picks That Were Bid for Millions

Jewelry shows and auctions witness galore of exquisite ornaments that do not see the light of day as the rest of the artifacts sold in stores. These coveted pieces are decisively kept from public eye to be unveiled in invitation-only auctions and exhibitions where they magnetize the richest and are sold of the highest bidders. […]

Infinity Rings: Some Crowning Specimens

Eternity bands have prevailed over the market for the longest time now, turning buyers’ judgements in their favor. But this year turned out to be the end of another era in the jewelry industry. Jewelers went marauding through unexplored avenues and in their journey, they took with them the candor that their predecessors lacked. At […]

Your Daily Diamond Care Routine

Diamonds are advertised to be sturdy and heavy-duty gems, but in reality, they are not as tough as you were led to believe. Yes, they may not develop a fracture from a bang or thud, but they do pick up scratches and chips more often than not. Knowing how expensive they are, you may use […]

Jewels for the Bride

So what should the bride-to-be wear on her wedding day? This is one question that pesters all brides weeks before the big day, sometimes distracting them at work, often stealing their sleep, and many a times sending them into fits of anxiety. Dresses and shoes may just take you a couple of tryouts and one […]

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