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Jewelry That Satiates All Styles

The subject of style is highly debatable, particularly when speaking subjectively. No two people can have exactly identical taste in fashion and that’s what makes style so much more interesting and dynamic. Moreover, your style doesn’t remain to be the same all through your life. The flashy, graphic T-shirts that you wouldn’t trade for anything […]

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry at Home

Cleaning your jewelry requires no more skills than sorting the whites in a laundry basket, even the diamond ones. Though professional cleaning is widely advertised by jewelry stores, they can’t outdo the results of little weekly maintenance at home. So, if you have diamond jewelry that you wear every day in and out, you must […]

Things You Didn’t Know about Jewelry

You may be one of the most cogent customers a store may ever receive, but there are still things about jewelry that may be new to you. That is not because you may have missed a few facts here and there, but because some information is kept from plain sight. There are not too many […]

Eras That Produced the Finest Specimens of Jewelry in History

If you are out to buy a piece of vintage jewelry, you need to turn a few pages of history first. Heritage jewelry sold at the stores are imported from different times in history. While each exhibit exotic craftsmanship and a steadily obscuring quality of material, not all of them come from the finest eras. […]

The Top 5 Diamonds That are Believed to Be Cursed

Google produces no search results for “infamous” diamonds. However, that doesn’t shroud the truth that there are a few of their dazzling beauties spread around the globe that are known to have brought immense misfortune on their possessors. Each of them is gorgeous and sizeable enough to top the best and brilliant list of diamonds […]

Picking the Right Ring from a Huge Assortment of Engagement Rings

Having plenty of options to explore is one thing, and being content with one from the sea of choices is another. The paradox of choice is a theory that challenges the upside of plurality. In fact, through experimental evidence, it states that too many choices can make a person unhappy. On a more equivocal note, […]

3 Wackiest Wedding Proposals

Lovers have gone to great lengths to woo their significant others. When it comes to an engagement proposal, some like to keep it simple and sweet, while other likes blowups. Here are the top 3 wackiest most exclusive proposal stories scraped from the pages of the Internet. Evidently, the men in these stories have put […]

Some Pieces That Bust the Ordinariness of Jewelry Designs

Following the launch of every ornament, jewelers get sucked into advertisement campaigns that have one and only one design, to establish the novelty of the piece. Though true it is that each piece is different from another, on a flip side, the diversification of designs in jewelry is not as profound as it should be. […]

The Two Available Styles of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a celebration of the love you share with your partner and the time you have spent together and the future you have with one another. But sadly, so much thought goes into the selection and designing of engagement rings that there is not enough mental energy left to spare on wedding rings. […]

Jewelry Wish List for All Ladies out There

It comes as no surprise that many of us are always just an excuse away from a shopping spree. The gorgeous designer gown you bought from the sale ignoring the tens of dresses already stocking up in your wardrobe was for the upcoming gala night, the office wears you picked from Allen Solly was because […]

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