Which Color Gold Is Perfect for You?

Metal Options

Yellow, white, rose, with so many options in gold, buyers often find themselves caught between choices. While each looks lustrous and attractive, they have their own fashion score. For instance, the classic yellow gold is best described as gorgeous and luminous, white gold, seamless and shimmering and rose gold, romantic and feminine. While that sounds great, how does one make a pick? Better yet, how can a buyer tell which variety of gold is perfect for them? In this article, we will take a brief look at the three best-selling varieties of gold and which of these is a fitting choice for your ring.

Yellow Gold
The first reason why anyone should consider choosing yellow gold is that it is very much back in trend this year. For another, it is gold in a classic yellow that never really goes out of fashion. Yellow gold enhances the depth of color of white diamonds while enriching the saturation in colored gems. What’s more, yellow is the metal’s natural color, which means it will require no replating like white gold.

White Gold
White gold which closely mimics platinum is silvery in color and luster. Exhibiting a frosted out white color, the gold possesses a seamless look which makes it a perfect companion of diamonds. A white gold is an easy pick for simple solitaires that are delicate and elegant. It is a perfect pick for gaudy rings featuring intricate halos. The white color gives the jewelries a naturally bright look. But before you go pick it, please be informed that white gold rings require replating from time to time. The everyday oil and sweat eats away the shimmer that white gold is so popular for. Also, we don’t recommend white gold to users who are prone to metal allergies. For them, platinum is a much safer choice.

Rose Gold
You may have seen rose golds of varying tinge of pink by now. The market is flooding with pink gold jewelries, and why not? It is trendy, romantic and vintage. The pink color of rose gold flatters all skin tones making it an ace pick for women all over the globe. On account of its soft hue, it makes for a perfect pair for twin metal rings. However, rose gold is more prone to porosity and therefore, we recommend the 14K rose gold mostly as the alloy in that karat offers reasonable durability.

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