Colored Stones for the Untraditional Bride

If you dare to be different, there is a whole lot of exciting things awaiting for you. A bride of today with the idea of doing things differently will have tons of alternatives that the brides of yesteryears didn’t. So, for brides-to-be who do not want to go down the beaten path, let’s take a detour. Jewelry stores and showrooms are flooding with colored gems this year. Since their introduction in the engagement section, colored precious stones have captured the fancy of many who do not mind being untraditional.

What Are My Choices?
There are plenty of choices in alternative gems at this point. A bunch of colored gems arrive at the shelves every few days to support the accelerating demand in the market. Their prices too are highly varying. Within a wide price bracket and scores of choices, colored gems in engagement rings is a promising choice of decoration at this point. At the high end of the price chart, you have emerald, ruby, sapphire, and opal. In the inexpensive category you have aquamarine, amethyst, and tourmaline. Additionally, garnet, moonstone and morganite are other popular options.

Should I go Diamond-Less?
Not if you don’t want to. In fact, there is no reason when you have colored diamonds to satisfy it. If a diamond is what you want, then take a light browse through the colored diamond gallery. I can assure that you will be spoilt for choice. The colored diamond section is just as interesting and visually exciting as other colored stones. The one added advantage is that you get to stick to diamond, which is often believed to be the embodiment of romance and love.

Can I Assemble?
Surely you can bring in more than just one color of stones in the arrangement. Diamonds with blue sapphires is a match made in heaven in engagement rings. Rubies and diamonds work great together too. If you are into emeralds, pep it up with a nice sprinkling of colorless diamonds and you will have a rare-looking piece of ring. For a pop of color, mix the colors together trying three stones at a time to see which one you like best. Don’t hold back. Be yourself and your style will rule.

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