How to Tell If Vintage Jewelry Is Worth Its Price

How to Tell If Vintage Jewelry Is Worth Its Price

Vintage jewelry comes for a price that equals a fortune. So, there is not much else to expect than a steep price label for a heritage piece of jewelry. But, that bit of the fact also raises a question in the mind. Is every antique jewel worth an arm and a leg? Is there any […]

Winter Jewelry Trends 2017-2018

Winter Jewelry Trends 2017-2018

Winter has snuck in on us and even before we know it, it’s time to take out the expensive fur coats and parkas. Lucky for us, the winter brings in some good things with it, and inspiring fashion trends is one of them. So, aside the Christmas celebration and welcoming of New Year, we have […]

Diamonds by the yard necklace

3 Great Gifts for the Sweetest Occasions This Year

If you have not been yourself the whole year to that special someone or if work has kept you away most of the time, here is a great way to make up for all that. If these are not your reasons, then make your own to gift your loved one something significant this year to […]

The Rarest and Most Precious Gemstones Ever

It may sound like a bit of a stretch but there are gems that are even rarer than diamonds. These stones may not be your garden variety high-prized gems, but still are very rare. So, for a moment, put aside the names of diamonds, emeralds and the likes in your mind and run down the […]

Two stone ring with emerald and diamond

Popular Styles of Engagement Rings in 2017

The engagement ring section is one of the most often updated part of the display in a jewelry store. As couples all over the world make their mind to get engaged every day, they like to find something unique and fitting for the occasion. That makes it absolutely necessary to keep the shelves refreshed and […]

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Popular Diamond Cuts This Year in Order of Appearance

Diamonds come in many varieties and grades. They are cut, polished and enhanced in laboratories before they are sent off to the stores for display. Although you may already know the 9 cuts in which diamonds are shaped today, they hardly appear in the shelves all at once. There are some that make it to […]

A Guide to Buying Couple’s Bands

A Guide to Buying Couple’s Bands

Couple’s rings or couple’s bands are worn by two romantically involved partners to show that they are a couple. The rings can be worn by people who are involved in a serious relationship, or engaged to be married, or are married. They, not unlike engagement and wedding rings, symbolize love, bonding and commitment. If you […]

Diamond hoop earrings

Hoops from the 1980s Fashion

There are only a few other fashion articles that have stood the test of time as endurably as hoops. These earrings first came up in the 1980s. Back then, the ladies made a lot of hoot about these surprisingly minimal, but exquisite earrings. Almost every woman back in the 80s had a pair of hoops […]

Signet Rings for the Men of Today

Signet Rings for the Men of Today

Signet rings literally went out of existence after the last century, but the year 2017 ushers the revival of these classy rings from the past. Signet rings are back, and yes, there have been more than just a fewer sightings in the first 4 months of this year. So, if you thought that people’s love […]

Opal engagement rings

Engagement Ring Trends That You Must Watch Out For

These days, couples like to talk and plan about things like engagement instead of bringing it on like a huge surprise. For what it’s worth, getting engaged is a pretty big decision, definitely something that you want to have a talk about before it really happens. So, if 2017 is the year you are planning […]