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Mistakes to Dodge When Buying Diamonds

Diamonds are incredibly expensive and shopping with ample care and consideration is the only way to go about it. Though all of us but learn from our mistakes, there is little room for errors in investments as this. It is privy to only a small section of the mass that the prospect of buying diamonds […]

Three Things Every Marriage Proposal Must Have

Asking the hand of a woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with is a very special moment. What makes it more special is how you pop the big question for it becomes the story that both of you will recount to families and strangers more times than you’d care to remember. […]

Proposal Ideas for this Fall

  When your mind is made up about the one you love, proposal is the next step left to mount. Now this step is fraught with a lot of ifs and buts, more than you would like to think there is. It is not lack of surety about whether it’s the right thing to do. […]

Round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring with halo diamonds

The Beauty of Round Brilliants

The Most Famous Diamond Cut Round brilliant cut diamonds debuted in 1919. Marcel Tolkowsky dedicated his doctoral research to creating the brightest possible diamond. He found that adhering to the right proportions, ratios and angles kept light within the stone. Their shine makes round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings the most popular of diamond bands. […]

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Loose Diamonds and Rings

More Options for Diamond Rings When looking for the diamond ring of your dreams, you may find diamond bands for sale without jewels. Likewise, you might find stores offering loose diamonds to clients. Buying finished rings and loose stones have their advantages. For the latter, connoisseurs get more flexibility over their rings. Part of the […]

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring with halo

Embellishments for Your Ring

Ways to Decorate Your Diamond Ring There is beauty in a simple diamond ring. With just the gemstone and the band, the subtleties of a well-made ring come to the forefront. Decorations too have their appeal. Additional diamonds enhance brilliance. The precious metal that forms the band and mount can be shaped into countless forms. […]

Five diamond common prong anniversary band

The Origin of Anniversary Rings

Rings that Celebrate Life Together The tradition of honoring wedding anniversaries is centuries old. At first, only certain anniversaries such as the 25th or 50th years were commemorated. Now, every happily married year is celebrated. Today’s couples mark these milestones through romantic gestures, be they a night out or diamond rings. Lists naming which type […]

Prong set engagement ring with side stones

What Goes in a Ring

About Ring Anatomy When searching for the diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band of your dreams, you may find unfamiliar words. Asking about a ring or looking up its details can be confusing due to the new terms. To better understand what you’re looking for, and to make searching easier, here is some basic […]

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Diamond Colors That Are Topping the Popularity List This Season

Colored diamonds have arrived in the scene only recently, but that fact doesn’t compare to the kind of interest they have sparked among the buyers. Achromatic diamonds are still precious, but considering their massive supply, they have lost their essence of rarity. Relatively, colored diamonds have come forward as one of the newest things the […]

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Platinum Explained

The furor surrounding platinum erupted towards the start of this century when the buyers of the world were introduced to this shiny, silvery metal. It is rare and that makes it precious, and like all precious metals, it is used in crafting fine jewelry. Platinum, by nature is a heavy metal just as its predecessors, […]