Five diamond anniversary band

A Tale of Three Rings

Romantic love is an ongoing experience. The more time passes, the deeper the connection grows. A couple who dates may get engaged. After marriage, they might spend many happy years together. Each milestone of their bond may be commemorated with diamond rings. The custom of engagement rings is thousands of years old, with the designs […]

Channel set engagement ring

Some Classic Ideas of Marriage Proposal

When it comes to proposing to the woman you love, some say very little, while others prefer to be verbose. But honestly, your emotions and feelings can be expressed only in a very few words, if your proposal idea is sharp. However, you choose to do it, you just have to have one thing in […]

Princess cut Engagement Ring

Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

The pressure of coming up with the perfect engagement ring is often the reason why people fail to accomplish the job. The burden of expectations is often the reason that foils the performance. That of fact is not far from the truth in case of shopping for engagement rings. Particularly for men who have no […]

Floral Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The Don’ts of Buying Diamonds

You may have heard tons of advice on buying diamonds, but bets are, little have they prepared you for the pitfalls that this little adventure is fraught with. Yes, buying diamonds is an adventure of sorts and like all adventures, it has a little excitement, lots of promises and a little risk. Without boring you […]

Princess and Marquise Diamond Pendant

Designing an Ornament with Vintage Designs

Vintage stones are slowly becoming very much a part of contemporary jewelry. Modernist jewelers who are racing down unexplored avenues dodging criticism of the skeptics were the firsts to conceive this idea. When the mix of modern and heritage worked out great, they decided to take it to the next level. They started to welcome […]

Gold and Diamond Cuff Earrings

Ear Cuffs: The Style Statement That Is Here To Stay

Women around the world are swinging out for the ear cuffs and ear wraps. Marketed as the new age earrings, these pieces are unique in their appeal. Models in ramps and celebs in red carpets are actively endorsing the coming of this unique style of ear wears by sporting them in many different designs and […]

Lapis bar cufflinks in 18kt yellow gold

How to Wear Your Cufflinks Like a Boss

Even though men’s fashion is growing exponentially, choices of accessorizing a suit or even a formal wear as we know it is pretty limited. Most of that is limited to choices like watches, rings and cufflinks. But does that mean there is nothing outside these options that one can sport to look fashionable? Yes, there […]

Opal Yellow Gold Pendant

Opals Finally Making a Grand Comeback

The return of opals is long awaited by the mass, with people often making enquiries about why is it so scarce in the market. Though the answer to that question is not concretely formed yet, perhaps due to lack of conclusive data, the good news is that opals are finally on the phase of revival. […]

Round brilliant cut engagement ring

Some Things to Look Out for When Buying Diamonds Online

Loose diamonds of all sizes and carats are ubiquitous over the Internet. Stores big and small now have a section under which they stock loose diamonds of different grades. It is an open invitation to get ornaments customized from scratch. Pick your diamonds, choose your metal, share your design and your piece is ready in […]

Stackable engagement rings

Have You Heard About Stackable Engagement Rings Yet?

Stackable rings was a little fashion roll-out that first reached us a couple of years back. Brushing on an already existing concept, fashion experts set afloat a new way of wearing rings. Pairing them in twos and threes became the new style of wearing bands and even solitaires. The inventors named it stackable and soon […]