Engraved Rings: Cost and Care


One way to personalize a ring to make a heartfelt effect is engraving. It is one of the most beloved customizations done to wedding and engagement rings all over the world. Buyers these days like to get anniversary rings, birthday rings and other jewelries customized too. In this article, we have covered two integral areas of ring engraving: cost and care. So if you are thinking of getting a ring engraved, take a minute to quickly glance through the passages below before placing the order.

The Cost
The cost of engraving really depends on the kind of work. Several factors determine the cost of engravings such as the number of characters, font styles, and techniques. You can engrave your ring and other piece of jewelry by hand and by machine. Some buyers decidedly go with hand engravings for the hand-forged feel of the engraving. They find paying a little extra is only a small encumbrance. A lot of people go with machine engravings. The finish of machine-made engravings is smooth and flawless, although it is a bit mechanical.

There is also a third kind of engraving that has recently came to us. It is diamond engraving. In this, diamond goes in center as a part of engraving with the signature or symbol of a buyer’s choosing. The cost of it varies mostly on the carat weight of the stone. Other factors mentioned above play a part.

Contrary to the notion at large, engraved rings require as little care as any other ring. That is to say they do not make the rings susceptible in any particular way. Take them off in your bath and while cleaning, do not expose them to cosmetics, chemicals, lotion, body washes and household cleaners and you are good to go. Try cleaning them once in every few weeks and while you do it, make sure that you brush the engravings out to clear any dirt that may have accumulated in the contours from use.

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