What Kind of Diamond Studs Are for You?



Diamond stud earrings are among the most versatile jewelry. They are fitting for every occasion and outfit imaginable. Not only do they go with everything, they also work wonders to contour a face and highlight it amply. That said, every woman should have a pair of these beauties in their jewelry box. Diamond studs come in all shapes and cuts. Before you pick one, you need to be certain that it complements your features the best. Learning more about the available kinds of diamond studs help refine the choice. Ahead read about the favorite solitaire studs and why they are loved by all.

Round-Cut Diamond Studs
Round-cut studs are for women who have a taste for traditional. It’s specifically for those whose style is eclectic and are generally put-together. If you pick a round-cut pair of studs, it is going to be a classic addition to your collection.

Princess-Cut Diamond Studs
Princess-cut studs are for those who are closer to their impulses than others. For a woman of spontaneous personality, princess cut studs is a more fitting pick than round-cut. If you are modern and a romantic, a set of princess cut studs is about the best choice you have.

Oval-Cut Diamond Studs
If you are romantic at heart and loves everything that has a vintage vibe coming from it, then the oval-cut studs is the best pick for you. It is fancy, but not extravagant, striking but not bold, and it definitely has a nostalgic vibe to it.

Marquise-Cut Diamond Studs
The Marquise-cut diamond studs is again for those who have an eclectic taste and dresses to stand out.

Heart-Cut Diamond Studs
Contrary to popular notions, heart-cut studs are not only for the romantics. In fact, heart-cut diamond studs are for women who are adventurous, outgoing, daring and never afraid of taking the unfrequented roads.

Pear-Cut Diamond Studs
Pear-cut studs have a streak of antiquity in them, but is not a pick for everybody. It is for women who like extravagant events, enjoys action movies, but also believes in love at first sight.

Asscher-Cut Diamond Studs
Asscher-cut studs are a bit laid-back in style, but are stunners at the same time. Pick it if you are an indoor person and like to have a quiet day than hanging out with friends.

Radiant Cut Diamond Studs
The radiant cut is for cocktail lovers and party goers who believe in living in the moment.

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