Criss cross wedding band

Plain Metal Rings are not Always Simple

About a Band Diamonds are celebrated for their beauty and romantic symbolism. Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands stand for a lasting relationship. The shank, or portion that surrounds the finger, is both practical and decorative. Also known as the band, it provides a place for gemstones to rest and more areas to adorn. Knife […]

Things you do not want your diamonds exposed to

Things You Do Not Want to Expose Your Diamonds To

The diamond care literature may take you through an expansive list of procedures of caring for your diamond, but the point of what you must not expose them to do not get enough highlight. So, here is for you a mini diamond care literature that will help you keep your diamonds shinning and looking lovely […]

Fascinating facts about diamonds

Some Fascinating Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds are great to sport, but are also pretty interesting to read about, particularly when there are a gamut of facts that you didn’t know about these pretty stones before. Some of them may prick at the romantic bubble that encases diamonds, but are still quite fun to read through. So, here are some interesting […]

Wedding band from men

Wedding Bands for Men

Rings Less Examined Talk of wedding rings often focuses on wedding bands for women. They can be as understated or extravagant as the wearer desires. The diamonds on these rings may be a few large stones, many smaller ones or something out of the ordinary. Men’s wedding bands are often designed to be simple, with […]

How a diamond shines

How a Diamond Shines

There’s More to a Diamond Than Sparkle. One of the greatest draws of a diamond is how it catches light. A well-made diamond ring glitters as the wearer’s hand moves. They also add a brilliant touch to engagement rings and other bands. The way a diamond reflects light is complex, with different words for varying […]

The origins of the diamond engagement ring

The Origins of the Engagement Ring

How Engagement Rings Came to Be Engagement rings are a sign of love and a marriage to be. As with wedding bands, engagement rings are a custom that started thousands of years ago. While people still wear these bands what they look like and how they’re worn changed with time. Not only have the aesthetics […]

The Origins of the Wedding Ring

The Origins of the Wedding Ring

The practice of wearing a ring after marriage dates back thousands of years. Wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as a way of connecting love and marriage. Legend spoke of a vein on this finger that led directly to the heart. Wedding rings are still about love, though the […]

Round brilliant diamond engagement ring with channel set diamond baguettes

Caring for Your Ring

Help Your Ring Stay Beautiful Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings symbolize a lasting bond. They’re meant to be worn daily as a sign of enduring happiness. While love can withstand the ages, rings can be subject to daily wear and tear. Diamond bands may not look as pristine now as they did […]

The Romantic Meanings of Rings

Engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings are worn as expressions of love between a committed couple. These bands, their gemstones, embellishments and designs are filled with symbols which underscore the pair’s devotion to one another. Even the finger these rings are worn upon is a sign of romance, referencing a vein said to lead […]

Round brilliant engagement ring with side stones

Choosing a Ring that Lasts

Among the most precious of rings are engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. While the metals and gemstones used contribute to their value, their greatest impact is symbolic. These rings signify a bond between two people who share or wish to share a life together. For jewelry with powerful meaning, it’s important that they […]