A Walkthrough of a Diamond’s Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is the real testament of quality that establishes the value of a diamond. It is like the fifth C of a diamond. Retailers offer at the time of sale, and dealers swear by it. Only a certified laboratory can issue the certificate. In the United States, the most recognized diamond laboratory is GIA or Gemological Institute of America. Both recognized and accepted outside USA, GIA certificates offers a thorough catalogue. Next comes the AGS or the American Gem Society which has been grading diamonds since 1934.

Diamond Specs
The certification features a list of specifications of the gem. It mentions everything from the type of stone to its weight to quality and more. First, a GIA issued certificate of authenticity begins by mentioning if the stone is natural. GIA only grades natural and conflict-free gems. Second, it mentions the precise weight of the stone. More often than not, the numbers are round figures after cutting. However, it appears on the paper if there is any decimal value. Lastly, the specific cut shows in the certificate along with its color and clarity grade. These three categories are extremely important in diamond dealings. While you won’t find hearts and arrows in the certificate, the quality catalogue is a must for the buyers’ satisfaction.

Jewelry Features
Additionally, aside from the diamond, a certificate issued by a retailer carries details of the jewelry it comes with. For loose diamonds, the certificates only offer a report of the diamond alone. For customized pieces, details of the jewelry and the metal type will be in the certificate.

Purchase Details
Lastly, some vital stats of the purchase appear in the end such as the retail price of the diamond. You can also find Conflict-Free mentioned for all clean stones. In addition, if it is a clarity enhanced diamond, it will be stated along with other comments. GIA certified diamonds are fully authentic diamonds that come with a certificate of quality. No matter the size or grade, never purchase a diamond without a certificate of authenticity.

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