Cluster Rings for Budget Buyers

Cluster Rings for Budget Buyers

What Is a Cluster Setting?
A cluster setting is what secures smaller diamonds on the metal surface of a ring in a cluster. As it happens, cluster setting is not the same as micro-setting or pave setting where a series of diamonds is set on the band to form a row or a certain composition. A cluster setting purposely brings the smaller diamonds together to form a big cluster which closely surrounds a big diamond. Also, a cluster setting ring can be several pieces of diamonds in the form of a cluster as the center stone. In this case, the stones used are of the same size and set together without any barrier in between.

The Upsides
There are several upsides to a cluster setting. First, the cluster style rings can be surprisingly inexpensive. Second, mimicking a single chunky diamond, this setting makes the diamonds come together in such a way that they look fuller. They put together a look which is instantly unique in texture and dimension. It creates a very interesting texture which is not seen in solitaires. Additionally, a cluster setting can come in any shapes you want. It can cluster the diamonds up to form any distinct shapes, and that doesn’t have to be just round and square. Lastly, a cluster diamond does wonders in making smaller fingers look longer.

What Makes It Inexpensive
It presents the buyers a lower cost option because, even though it uses diamonds, it uses smaller size diamonds which are a cheaper alternative of bigger diamonds. To put things in perspective, for the price of a decent size diamond, you can buy a bag full of micro diamonds. For what it’s worth, it saves the buyers a lot of money.

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