Ways to Keep Your Baubles Shining Forever

Ways to Keep Your Baubles Shining Forever

There are ways to shine up any jewelry, and then there are ways to keep them shining forever. The difference between the two is that while one buffs up the baubles every once in a while, the other keeps them sparkling all the time. Obviously, most readers would be eager to learn about the latter if they can avoid knowing the first. So, here is a list of tricks that you can try on an everyday bauble to keep your baubles squeaky clean and shining all the time.

Take All Precautions
A surefire way to make sure that your jewelries are bright and shining all through is to mind the things to do and not do without them. There are quite a few precautions that you need to be adopting in the interest of your everyday jewelry. Taking them to the shower or swim is one of the few things you want to avoid. Do not do your makeup with them on, to avoid getting them in contact with cosmetics. Do not leave them on while doing physical exercise. You don’t want to cook or clean with your jewelries on either.

Clean Them Timely
To clean your jewelries is to preserve their shine. Those that you wear everyday need to be cleaned weekly. Do not skip that if sparkling jewelries are your confidence. Wash them in warm soapy water every week to avoid going around in dull-looking baubles. For the professional shine, get a home ultrasonic clean which offers professional-level cleaning at home. Always use a microfiber cloth to wipe your jewelries after their bath.

Know the Storage Rules, Particularly When Travelling
Do not take storage lightly when it comes to jewelries. If you want your jewelries to keep shining all their life, you need to take good care of them, and storage is part of them. Never store your sparklers in a box that does not have sweat lining. Jewelry plates are the ideal place to leave your earrings and rings before you hit the sack. While travelling, carry your jewelries in a soft drawstring purse and keep it inside an empty pocket that is always from the other contents of the bag.

Polish Your Gold
Buff up your gold every once in a while to get them sparkling. There are plenty of gold polishing products available in the supermarket that delivers shining results. Pick something mild and lasting.

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