Suiting up for the big evening is just not enough if a standout is what you want to be. There are many ways to liven up your suit and make it distinguishable from the rest. Cufflinks are one of the very few accessories that can make a world of a difference to a suit. Small, but distinct, a pair of cufflinks can flatter your attire like nothing else. Cufflinks are fashioned to up the ante or downplay the sense of stiffness in a suit.

There are two categories into which cufflinks can be split, the overly formal kind and the casual ones.


The Many Style of Cufflinks
Cufflinks differ from one another on two key points, the mechanics and motives. Of the commonly known types, there are 6 styles of cufflinks that are sold highest. Let’s take a look at these varieties and their nuances.

  • The first is the whale back type which has a flat head and the tail of a whale. Between that is a vertical post that is the link between the top and the end. The whale back cufflink is the most popular variety available in the market. Their straightforward mechanism makes them easy to use and expands the possibilities of designing.
  • The second most popular kind is what we know as the bullet back. Not very different from the first variety with just one exception, these cufflinks are joined by a hollow cylinder. The cylinder attaches the top and bottom together that can be parted with an easy outward flip.
  • Button or stud is another very popular style that is bereft of any hinge. Resembling a button from top, they have a sizeable head with a small back and a vertical link. A little tilting and straightening is all it takes to unlock the head from the bottom.
  • Chain links are pretty popular too, but are a style of the past in this context. The mechanism is pretty apparent in the name itself. The top and bottom of the links are connected by a fine chain that offers a loose and flexible fit as compared to other.
  • Ball return cufflinks have a fixed mechanism, but are more appealing by comparison to bullet backing links. They are very easy to put on and offer a loose and comfortable fit between the button holes.
  • The lock style is said to be the most functional of them all. The intelligent hinge mechanism mimics the closure system of a watchband. These cufflinks secure tightly in place and can put on and taken out pretty quick.


Some Recommendations from the Top Picks
Cufflinks adding details to Men's formalsThere are cufflinks abound in the market, crafted in awe-inspiring designs and fashioned with some of the finest gems known to man. Among the designs most popular around the world, here are a few picks that make great suggestions for both formal and casual wears.

Claw Cufflinks: Curved in 18K yellow gold and paved with a single hematite at the center, these cufflinks are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary. The claw-like details on the sides, the polished black of the hematite and a diminutive diamond on top create a wonderful assemblage of colors and contrasts. The full polished finish of the claw cufflinks is a distinguished addition to suit of any color and style.

Baroque Pearl Cufflinks: Baroque is a phenomenal era in the history of art and music. The artistic brilliance of craftsman from the Baroque period still inspires the works of the artists of today. This Baroque inspired pair of cufflinks is a wonder to the eyes. Fitted with a pair of freshwater pearls that exhibit a gentle pinkish overtone, these yellow gold cufflinks are worth every dime.