Ruby and Diamond Ball Earrings

Welcome to our disco ball earrings, available in multiple colors as the unconventional Ruby and Diamond set of dangling earrings.  Sprinkled with gems all over and chained with twisted gold, these earrings are an aesthetic delight. The pave set ruby balls at the bottom of the danglers while the top carry white diamonds. Measuring about 14.7 X 59 mm.  Wear them on with a classy gown or a pair of skinny jeans and a dress top, and you are all set to razzle and dazzle.


Aquamarine and Tourmaline Earrings

Valentin Magro Collection Pieces - EarringsThe love for aquamarine and tourmaline continues.  Here we have for you another fine pair of colorful  aquamarine earrings. This set of drop earrings provides a pop of colors and gemmy features. Fixed with a handful of aquamarines and multi-color tourmalines, these earrings see a sparing, but smart use of complimentary colors. Pink, green, blue and red light up the earrings with a  burst of color.

The aquamarine drop at the bottom balances out the medley combination of colors on top. Made of 18K gold, these earrings are for all the seasons of spring, summer and autumn. Clip backs make putting on and off just a matter of a smooth motion.

This piece is a wonderful cross of glamorous and charming, something that you can wear with style on a dinner date or a brunch with friends.





Topaz and Azurite Malachite Earrings

In our pursuit to craft something rare and extraordinary, we found ourselves bringing two completely unalike gemstones together in an earring, and voila, we have this stunning pair of topaz and azurite malachite earrings. Petite and delicate, these earrings bring together the best of two kinds of different  gemstones.

In this pair, the topaz studs burn with a brilliance that is hard to ignore, while the bottom azurite malachite drops, balance out the sparkle with a wonderful mosaic mix of green veins on blue. Made with 18K gold, the earrings use two small bezel set  diamonds in between that link the two stones together. This pair looks lovely with haute couture tops and blouses as long as you choose mute shades letting these earrings to work their magic on your outfit.


Black Jade Earrings

As an alternative to black diamonds, these 18K gold, black jade and bezel set diamonds  are a wonderful spin on the regular gem studs. There is no category really where you can fit this unique piece.

The low  black jade dome has a high polish  which, in contrast with the scattered diamonds, create a beautiful play of light and shadows. The diamonds are bezel set in gold,  adding a an extra design element to accentuate the earrings.

These clip back earrings  which makes slipping them in and out of your ear piercings a matter of seconds. You can pair your Friday night party wear with this set as well as your Monday work wear with totally distinguished effects.


Gray Keshi Tahitian Earrings

Let your love for pearl find a new direction with these Valentin Magro  hand crafted earrings with rare Tahitian Keshi pearls and sparkling white diamonds. This periwinkle effect  is just the right addition to your floral jewelry collection not because of its spectacular flowery form, but its rarity as a piece. The pair uses five Keshi black pearls each that form the outer petals, leaving some room for the diamonds to fit inside and create a concentric floral formation inside.

The iridescence of the pearls floats up to create a subtle rainbow effect, which bounces off the diamond center, further sparkling up the brilliance of the white diamonds. The center diamond flower cluster is accentuated with the shiny golden stems that fall in between the pearls.


Citrine and Peridot Earrings

Red and green are conflicting shades, but not when they are captured in their most spectacular shades in natural gemstones and set in 18kt yellow gold. We created this brilliant pair of earrings by combing cushion cut citrines and baguette peridots, contoured with partial gold borders.

The beauty of this piece is the choice of stones and their delicate sizes that alone bring the beauty of the stones together.  No additional detailing was required or possible without diminishing the luster of the stones that offer a punch of colors.