Brooches are pins that embellish lapels of coats, collars of sweaters, beams of hats and sides of boots with extraordinary aesthetic power. A piece of ornament that was designed back in the days when women loved to wear fist-sized pendants and gem-heavy necklaces, many of us have inherited these swoon-worthy pieces from their family line. But if you haven’t, there is still no reason to fret for the stores of this century are suffused with iconic brooches. If you are already planning to go shopping to buy your first brooch or add to your collection, then here are some suggestions worth looking at.
Leaf Citrine Brooch: Paved with a citrine a dark citrine at the center, this spectacular piece of coat pin is embraced partially by a silver line designed with diamonds in the form of a fern leaf. Hanging from the apex of the leaf is a large yellow drop-cut beryl. The beauty of the piece is in its gorgeous play of colors, magnificent concept and high-brow work of artistry in the execution.


Mariposas Butterfly Coral Brooch: If your choice is more on the subtle side, then the Mariposas coral pin is just the pick for you. Made from corals that is cut and shaped specially in the form of a butterfly, the piece is a prize for the eyes. The dark orange wings of the butterfly is spotted with emeralds that are encased in bezel frames and set neatly on the corals. The body of the butterfly is curved in gold and inlaid with diamonds, as are the antlers.


Diamond and Sapphire Starfish Pin: If you are in love with something that is totally unique, then this is the pick for you. This jeweled starfish is just breathtaking in simple words. Encrusted in diamonds, and sprinkled with blue sapphires, this piece is an excellent show of high craftsmanship. Yellow gold details are sprinkled all over the surface of the brooch making it look simply exquisite.


Pescado Del Orient Brooch: This brooch is completely unique, not so much in concept as in design. A fish brooch is not the rarest thing in this section. But what sets this piece apart from every other pin of its kind is the design concept. This gold and diamond fish bent in a C holds a large Tahitian pearl in its mouth.


Jellyfish Moonstone Brooch: This 18k gold brooch is a fantastic work of art. Instead of the usual choice of gemstones, the artists picked moonstones to design the bell. Coming straight out from under the moonstone dome are tentacles curved in gold and colored with blue sapphires. To give the piece its sparkle, the designers have used rows of diamonds to separate the series of moonstones on top. Diamonds are also sprinkled over the limbs for a little bit of sparkly effect.


Picking one may be a tough call, but any of these makes a worthwhile fashion investment.