Many of your accessories are already highly fashionable and chic, while some are still struggling to get there.  If your style is iconic, then you may already have your stock of bracelets and bangles. 2017 seems to be the year in fashion that will have some of us reshuffle their jewelry boxes for a timely upgrade. So, here are five pieces that can find some relevant space in your jewelry box this year forth.


Top 5 Iconic Bracelets and Bangles That Flatter Any StyleOval Peridot Bracelet

Here is an eyeful for gem lovers who are hopelessly addicted to the translucent green tone. This bracelet is stunning in its own right. Nothing but rows of rough cut oval peridot stones set in golden cases adorn this piece. The beauty of this peridot bracelet is not symmetry but randomness. The stones are arranged in a carefully executed disarray which in itself is quite challenging, considering that everything had to be brought together into a rectangular band in the end. The wristlet uses 18K gold and 100 green oval peridots.


Maltese Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are the newest kind of bracelet with a spin of vintage. The Maltese cuff bracelet is a vintage inspired piece, something that is evident from the angular design at the center. The chief feature of the bracelet is the black enameled extrusion at the center. The space is adorned with a generous sprinkling of gems that include emeralds, aquamarines, amethysts and tourmalines. At the center sits a large black citrine.



Floating Pearl Bracelet

Another extravagant piece is the floating bracelet. This cuff style bracelet is dotted with Akoya pearls that are set between the ridges of the gold framework using a wiring technique. Made of 18K yellow gold, this piece has a back open mechanism with no screw or hinge to seal. The bracelet is named floating pearl because the design allows the pearls to move freely in all directions without falling out of their grooves.


Cross-Row Diamond Bracelet

If your undying love for diamonds gravitates you towards the sparkler range, then go no further than this one. This cross pattern bracelet is an instant heart-winner. Made from gold and topped with diamonds, this piece is designed in a cross hatch pattern with intricate details that light up the piece. Use of brilliant cut diamonds magnify the sparkle of the stones many times.

Top 5 Iconic Bracelets and Bangles That Flatter Any Style


Broad Gemmed Ribbon Bracelet

If you are looking for something stunning that cannot be found on a display rack, then this piece is surely going to engage your attention for a long while. Studded with numberless gems of contrasting colors, this wrist band is broad, and chunky. So unless you are looking for something conspicuous, this is not your thing. The bracelet opens from the center hinges that lays it out end to end. The serrated edges with diamonds encrusted all along adds a definite detail to the piece.