Earring Types

Earrings come in many forms. Studs are affixed to a post or clip, and stay close to the earlobe. Some types are quite minimal, with each piece consisting of a single diamond or gemstone. Elaborated versions may hold gem clusters, carved jewels, or intricate folds of precious metal.

Drop earrings are pendants which hang from the lobe. They may be fastened to posts, hooks or clips. Classic drops include pear shaped pearls or other gems. Avant-garde versions may feature slices of gemstones or interlocking gold shapes. Balls paved with diamonds are another intriguing form of drop earrings.

Day and night earrings are a blend of studs and drops. It’s a form of convertible jewelry, creating multiple looks from the same set. “Day” refers to the more casual stud versions. “Night” is when drops are added for extra glamour.

Chandelier earrings have multiple hanging elements. They may be made of gold links or pendants swaying from the ear. Jeweled versions may have dangling gemstones, carved gems, or pave diamonds. The most elaborate may imitate animals such as jellyfish, with the tentacles serving as the chandelier.

Hoops are circular earrings which travel from the front of the earlobe to the back. They range from simple metal versions to elaborate diamond confections. Depending on the version, they may form a continuous circle, or have a gap large enough for the ear to fit through.

Article about Earring Types and Skin Care


Earrings and Skin Care

Those with skin sensitivities may need to use extra caution with their earrings. No matter how attractive the design, sore earlobes reduce enjoyment. A few simple steps, such as wearing heavy earrings for short periods only, prevents discomfort.

It helps to be choosy with the metal in your earrings. Some substances are more compatible with skin than others. Gold fourteen karats and higher, as well as platinum are safe choices. Nickel, which is found in some white gold alloys, may produce allergic reactions. Those who enjoy the colored gold should ask their jewelers about the materials in the metal

Someone whose sensitivity includes infections should consult their doctor. At home, cleaning earlobes before applying earrings and after removal may help manage complications. Doing the same to the earrings requires some precaution, so as not to harm more delicate gems. Using alcohol wipes on the fastener portion may be a good compromise.