Flora has a very special place in jewelry, often imitated down to the last detail in intricate pieces. Though every spring the jewelers bring about a bounty of floral jewelry, these pieces are not dedicated to spring brides alone. The beauty of these jewelry is that they are never too much or too many. Though floral designs have been seen in abundance predominantly in neckpieces, very recently, designers have found a piece of jewelry that makes the best receptacle for some floral creativity. That logic apparently infected the entire population of designers as brooches with ostensibly floral motifs started to arrive in the market in bulks.

This spring, the market saw an enormous collection of floral jewelry that are blooming across shelves bringing the blush and bloom to galleries.


Floral Designs in Jewelry

So far, jewelry of almost all kinds have been designed with floral motifs. We have danglers designed with the lush of flora, a pair of which can fetch of an earful of delightful compliments. Small handcrafted bouquets for the ears make a lovely addition to your collection. Floral rings have also arrived in the stores this spring. Gold rose rings with a center diamond is one of the exquisite pieces that are marketed as signature pieces in upscale stores. The strategic use of stones coupled with the soft lines and detailed work come together to make finger rings majestic.


Floral Pendants

Pendants are all over the place too. Some designers fashion floral pendants as pretty color pops and in that, they use a lot of gem stones to create a blast of colors. Though they may not be naturally perfumed, but these floral pendants are a prize to possess. The love for botany flows over to touch amulets and armlets. Though you may get yourself a custom-made garter for your wedding day, but odds are, it will drain your finances to the last penny. However, for armlets, these blooming surprises are a great way to accessorize a gorgeous gown. Who misses an arm full of flowers after all?


Floral Jewelry: The Growing Trend and Its WaresFloral Pins

Brooches are another section where floral motifs rule this year. The shelves are showered with floral brooches of different designs, most of which use a lot of colored gemstones and designs that are so far unseen, and therefore conclusively unique. Use of enamel work is also a feature of these brooches. The pins are decoratively designed with enamel works filling in to create petals.

Gems are abundantly used to create a sparkle in the riot of colors. While floral designs are common in this section, there are some designers that have taken the advantage of the rise of flora to design exclusively nature-themed pieces. For instance, lizards, chameleons, snails, frogs, etc. are sighted among the collections in some stores. These pieces see selective use of gemstones and very fluid designs. Others include wheelbarrows, bouquets, etc. that are giving the designs a distinct pastoral touch.

It’s time to go flower picking, but not in the fields, but in the stores near you.