What is pave set?

When tiny stones, often diamonds, completely cover the surface of a piece of jewelry, it’s called a pave setting. Pronounced “pah-vay,” This is a popular technique to add extra sparkle and luxury to jewelry. Sometimes the entire surface is covered, or just a few surface areas. It’s also common to use pave to highlight larger jewels.

There are multiple ways to set pave into metal. One popular technique is to build prongs into the preliminary cast and mold making, saving time and promoting efficiency in setting the stones. The traditional method forms the prongs by hand, starting first with drilling holes into the metal. After a diamond is placed in the hole, more metal gets carved away until prongs emerge, which are then pushed to secure the stone. Working in such a small scale is tricky, skill and mastery is a must.



Micro Pave Wedding Band

When it comes to choosing a diamond wedding ring, it can turn out to be quite a challenging task to come to a decision. With a width of exquisitely designed ring styles available in the market, you may be too confused to make a choice. Among the various styles and patterns used to create diamond rings, there always seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the terms ‘Pave’ and ‘Micro pave’.

Micro pave set ringWhile a standard pave diamond wedding ring is characterized by a large center stone encircled by several smaller diamonds, with a view to minimize the visible surface area of the metal, a micro pave ring, on the other hand, is designed with very small sized diamonds in a highly precise and modern setting. Micro pave diamonds are set close together and beautifully woven, devoid of any distance between the rows, flaunting a stunning pavement pattern.

The Beauty of a Micro Pave Wedding Ring – The creation of a micro pave ring is extremely labor intensive, requiring exceptional expertise. While the pave setting ring style goes back as early as the initial days of jewelry making, when a micro pave wedding band is created by a master setter, using state-of-the-art technology, it becomes a sheer delight to set eyes upon. Superior quality micro pave setting is an unparalleled luxury, which when done by a skilled expert, can make for some of the most stunningly beautiful and intricate creations.

Even the Finest of Products May Have a Few Flaws – Ironically, almost every beautiful creation in the world comes with a bit of imperfection. A micro pave wedding band is no exception either. While it undoubtedly makes for one of the most charming and elegant diamond ring styles, a micro pave setting nevertheless has a good chance of losing a stone or two in the course of a lifetime, even with the finest setting techniques used for its creation. With around 100-200 diamonds set beautifully, and some of the diamonds less than 1mm in diameter, you probably cannot complain if a single diamond falls out at any time during the long years of wear.

This being said, a superiorly crafted micro pave wedding band, when appropriately cared for, can last a lifetime without giving you a single opportunity to complain. The key to a good investment is choosing a reputed and trusted jeweler who is willing to replace the occasional missing stone if required.