Celestial Gold Necklace

A unique weave of ball and box, this one is a throw-back from the early 2000 when this style floated up as a popular choice among others. 16 units woven together into a bewitchingly beautiful chain, this necklace is neither too long but just long enough to be worn as a solitary piece. Reaching to about 990.6mm, it is made of 18K yellow gold. Both the balls and chains used in the necklace are striking in design. Every unit comprises of three balls of different sizes arranged in order of decadence coupled with two boxes on either ends.


Cube Strand Necklace

If your taste in jewelry is something off the mainstream, then here is one that’s tailored just to your taste. A very modern designed chain woven together using cubes of different sizes and styles, this one is a double layer neckpiece 1041.4 mm in length. The key element of the chain is its design that uses hollow mesh and solid cubes linked together using gold connectors.  Wear it as is or fold it to create two loops of cubes and squares for a catchier accessory. This necklace is made of 18K yellow gold and is finished with a wire and toggle clasp at the back.


Flat Ribbon Diamond Necklace

Modern design finds a new direction in the likes of this flat ribbon diamond necklace. Featuring interconnected flat gold ribbons bent into loopy designs, this piece is quite an eyeful. Only 440.37mm in length, this piece is a short necklace that sits around on the collarbones gracing the neck of its owners. The focal point of this necklace is a diamond encrusted loop which holds the attention to your delicate suprasternal notch. Arguably different from most mainstay pieces, this necklace embodies a symmetry so rare that it strikes out. Although without a pendant, the center gem encrusted link achieves the effect to the fullest.






Long Gold Chain Necklace

The versatility of long chain necklaces is undeniable. They go with formal and fancy wears and is without a doubt one of most compliant piece of jewelry there is. Taking that to a new level is this lovely long gold chain necklace. Unlike regular chains, this one uses oval sections that connect with each other to create an interesting loopy weave. The chain uses the links in single and multiple numbers in turns to make it visually interesting. Crafted with 18 K yellow gold, this piece is a choice for anybody who wishes to stand out of the crowd in a good way.


Cleat textured Gold Necklace

If your taste in jewelry swerves towards rare and visually distinguishable, then the cleat textured fold necklace is probably a piece to consider. Made of 18K yellow gold, this short necklace which is only 543.88mm long wears a very interesting cleat texture, a finish that gives it a worn-off and rusty feel. In addition to the texture, the links of the chain is what sets the necklace apart from all others. Flat plates held together on both ends by twisted links, the piece with its unconventional texture and design really comes together to form something distinctively modern and rare.