Why round brilliant cut diamonds are so popular

Nothing compares to round brilliant cut diamonds. Round brilliants can be used to make nearly any type of jewelry setting, which might be why their popularity keeps soaring. While round cut diamonds are often used as the only stone in a piece of jewelry, designers have perfected the art of surrounding it with other jewels […]

Choosing a certified loose diamond for your engagement ring

Any time a person presents an engagement ring, they are symbolically speaking about their love and dedication to another. Such a ring signifies the trust that a couple has. Just like diamonds are meant to be eternal; their marriage is going to be one where trust and love are everlasting. Since diamond rings come in […]

Buying Certified Loose Diamonds

Sometimes when a person wants to propose to their loved one, they debate on what kind of ring they’re going to buy. Most people settle on a diamond because of its symbolism. Even after settling on diamonds, there’s the dilemma of selecting a good stone. It’s always important to get some information about diamonds to […]

The allure of heart shaped diamond rings

There is nothing that describes love like sweetness and romance. Adding heart shape diamond rings creates a perfect love scene. Diamonds are symbols of a unique kind of love, that conquers, surpasses all challenges, and will stand the test of time. If you believe you share this kind of special love with someone, you should consider […]

The Clear Crystal of Emerald Cut

How to buy Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular or square shaped stones with step cut facets and truncated corners. Emerald cuts may not reflect as much light as other cuts, but serves as an excellent showcase for a diamond’s clarity. If you want a good quality piece, make sure its length to width ratio is 1.5:1 with a […]

Elegant Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

In the late 19th and early 20th century, most round diamonds were fashioned to display symmetry and sparkle, with limited results. Marcel Tolkowsky’s 1919 dissertation, “Diamond Design,” outlined the shape, facets and proportions necessary to create the optimal balance of brilliance, shadow and rainbows that make a diamond beautiful. Careful proportions allow light to stay […]

Diamond Anniversary Rings – Gifts that last for a lifetime

Anniversary rings are a modern idea, with few time honored designs. However, giving a ring to commemorate a meaningful day is one of the most romantic gifts one can give. ValentinMagro.com‘s specialized diamond anniversary rings speak volumes about how much you care for your spouse, Even after all this time. Three centerpieces to indicate different […]

The Difference Between Certified and Uncertified Diamond Earrings

You must have noticed celebrities strolling around Red Carpet events, pausing to answer questions, flash smiles at eager fans and posing to better display their finery. Their most apparel is always their earrings, studded with the rarest, most beautifully cut diamonds available. Many stars are careful to only buy diamonds certified by the most reputable […]

Asscher cut diamonds, glamorous in any piece of jewelry

This eye-catching cut was developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. It resembles an emerald cut, with both possessing cropped corners and sets of parallel facets that highlight the transparency of a diamond. For the most beautiful results, try to choose as high a quality stone as your budget will […]

Glittering Finery for the Ears

For centuries, jewelers have strived to improve and refine how they cut diamonds, to maximize sparkle while preserving size. Today’s diamond connoisseurs are able to enjoy the fruits of these innovations, whether in the form of tiny circles reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, large rectangles of purest clarity, or anything else a person […]