Designer Engagement Rings: Exceptional – Just Like Your Betrothed


Your fiancée is special, unique, and sensational. No wonder, finding the ring of her dreams is far from easy. It is undoubtedly a nerve-wracking and knotty affair to choose the perfect ring that effortlessly flatters your bride. It should tell her your feelings; express her sentiments while being subtle enough to complement her routine lifestyle. Phew! This task is tough!

Opting for a designer engagement ring is a phenomenal idea to impress your beloved. Designer engagement rings surpass their run-of-the-mill common cousins with sheer diversity, quality, creativity, and exceptionality of design. But, which designer should you choose? What design? There are simply so many designers with their own distinctive signature styles – making that precise choice will call for more than just any random decision.
Whether to look at an intricate Danhov engagement ring, a scintillating Leon Popov butterfly ring, a masterpiece by Harry Winston, an astoundingly extravagant Bulgari or Cartier or a sensational design by Valentin Magro – the choice ultimately comes down to you and your fiancée. So, here are some handy tips to help you choose that ideal designer engagement ring.

Will the particular design suit her?

Refined, sophisticated, and minimalist preferences call for an engagement ring which very much differs from a ring that celebrates an effervescent and gregarious personality. Simple solitaire or elaborate detailing – the primary design of an engagement ring must be inspired by the individuality of your beloved.

Most designer collections feature products in an array of styles and prices. Think classic elegance, modern flair, and vintage style. Whatever the design is, all you need to do is recognize her style preferences.
Also, keeping in mind her lifestyle is equally important. You may choose a large and great ring with elaborate swirls and huge gemstones but if she leads an extremely hectic life straddling the professional and personal spheres of corporate job and household chores – surprising with something pretty yet practical is advisable.
Take into account the fact that she would love to wear the ring as regularly as possible despite her schedule. So, your sensible decision will make things expedient for her.

Most importantly, instead of blindly following the ‘sales’ suggestions at the store, listen to your heart. Finding an incredibly beautiful designer engagement ring is doable when you trust your instincts and the accompanying diamond certificate.

Designer engagement ring and bridal sets are designed to reflect the matchless brilliance of the woman who will flaunt it. Find one that best complements your betrothed.

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