Diamond Anniversary Bands – Which of the Fabulous Styles Allure You the Most?

The significance and value of marriage might largely differ from one person to another. However, there’s probably no denying the never ending love affair and eternal companionship that start with a wedding. And of course, there is the wonderful perk of being married – celebrating anniversaries. Anniversary is the time to celebrate every good and bad moment that you have shared with your partner since the day you exchanged your wedding rings. So if your anniversary is knocking at your door, you must plan a special way to renew your commitment to your partner, relive the initial excitement and pledge for your everlasting loyalty.

Show Your Love the Most Romantic Way

Needless to say, when it comes to expressing your love, nothing compares to the power of a diamond ring. Exquisitely created diamond anniversary bands make for a stunning way to convey to your lady love your unending love and adoration for her. If you are wondering about the perfect style for an anniversary ring, you must know that in today’s modern times, there are no hard and fast rules defining style and fashion. It is your own perspective and preferences that can best define fashion for you. The world of diamond jewelry today, presents an amazing width of carefully selected anniversary bands that you can choose from based on your preferences and budget:

  • Five-Stone Diamond Rings:
    Flaunting 5 to 12 stones, the prong setting in this ring style allows optimal light penetration, resulting in amazing fire and sparkle. While choosing the diamond size, keep in mind one thing – the larger the diamonds the costlier they are. So instead of choosing several smaller diamonds, go for a few large sized ones, to make your ring more alluring and exclusive.
  • Nine-Stone Channel-Set Diamond Ring:
    This ring style offers one of the most brilliant settings that not only make the diamonds appear floating and thus stunning, but also protect the diamonds from falling out. The rings are made with two pieces of metal that form a channel to hold the diamonds perfectly in place. What’s more? Because they perfectly complement most engagement and wedding rings, they are an excellent choice for anniversary rings.
  • 20-Stone Bezel-Set Diamond Rings:
    Providing the diamonds a magnificent and elegant frame, this contemporary ring style is perfect for today’s active women. Because they present a safe setting, the diamonds have the ability to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The setting in a 20-stone bezel-set diamond ring also make the diamonds look larger, obscuring all imperfections in them.
    Besides these, the market also offers an array of other ring styles when it comes to diamond anniversary bands. But remember, it’s your anniversary. So it is you who is going to decide on the perfect ring style to adorn the beautiful hands of your lady love.

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