Knowing the difference from Synthetic Stones and Real Diamonds

Did you know that some diamonds are born in laboratories? Scientists have been trying to make synthetic diamonds since the 1870s, though the first confirmed cultured diamond was made much later, in 1954. Jewelry grade synthetics are usually made through high pressure, high temperature methods, or with the aid of hydrocarbon gas. Advances in technology […]

Detecting flaws in oval cut diamonds

Have you ever gone to purchase diamonds and was worried about the outcome? Perhaps you chose a stone that embodied perfection, only to see the sales clerk point out its microscopic flaws. The vast majority of diamonds contain imperfections known as inclusions. Flawless diamonds are so rare that a jeweler may find perhaps one in […]

What determines the price of a certified loose diamond

Diamonds are available in a wealth of shapes and sizes. At first glance, carat weight and symmetry seem to be the easiest ways to determine their value. It doesn’t matter whether they are pear, marquise or any other shape, the most eloquently cut all will call for higher prices. The best diamond cuts reflect the […]

Important factors about diamonds

When buying diamonds, many people consider the prices, but rarely why one jewel costs more than another. It can be daunting for the average buyer to understand the intricate details of diamonds. With time and care, you will learn all that you need to find the stone of your dreams. Factors that affect a jewel’s […]

Pear Shape Cut diamonds are Gaining Popularity

Pear shape cut diamonds are increasingly popular. While most people know about round cuts, oval shape or even heart shaped diamonds, pear shaped diamonds have gotten little attention. The modern connoisseur is trying to gravitate from the commonplace, giving the less noticed pear diamond a place in the spotlight. When a pear shape is set […]

How to find a perfect princess cut diamond engagement ring

There has never been an easy way of finding your perfect engagement ring. It becomes even harder when you’re trying to find the perfect princess cut diamond for that ring. One problem is that this type of ring is so popular, that no sooner is a princess cut ring put on sale, that it’s bought. […]

Qualities of a pear shape cut diamond

Also known as teardrop diamonds, pear cut diamonds are among the standard diamond types you are likely to get in most shops. Just like many other diamond shapes, pears have their own unique qualities. The pear shape was originally made through a technique called the marquise cut. However, since the marquise was plagued with a […]

Go Classic with a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Before the advent of the round brilliant cut, diamond cutters experimented with ways to make a jewel shine while preserving as much of the stone as possible. During the 1700 and early 1800s, a popular cut that stuck this balance was the cushion. A mix between an oval and a square, this shape continues to […]

Sparkling Diamond Wedding Bands for Women

Diamond bands are often made with women in mind; wedding bands for men are usually plain metal, or have a few modest stones. Wedding bands for women band can be a simple or ornate as the wearer wishes. A number of diamond lovers enjoy the symbolism of an eternity band, where a row of jewels […]

Fancy a princess cut diamond for your engagement

Princess cut diamonds were born in 1980, when Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar created a square diamond with all the shine of a round brilliant. Just like round brilliant cut diamonds, princess cuts look beautiful in any style of ring, including engagement rings. One of the benefits of princess cut diamonds is their thrift. While […]