Dazzlingly Exceptional: Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A princess cut engagement ring has a presence that is both elegant and dramatic. It is an iconic yet exceptional symbol of lifetime commitment and true love. In its stunning brilliance is the promise of a future together. Dazzling, superlative, and rare – a perfectly proportioned princess cut diamond of breathtaking beauty elevates the quotient of brilliance and exquisiteness in an engagement ring.

Meticulously select the ideal one from an array of extraordinary princess cut engagement rings to surprise and impress your sweetheart. Nothing better expresses your sentiments and adoration for her than a sparklingly unique princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Princess Cut: Brilliance of Round and Uniqueness of Square

If you have been worrying about splendor and fire of a princess cut diamond, think again! A brilliant cut princess diamond in fact combines the best of both worlds. It presents the fire, scintillation, and brilliance of a round diamond sans the predictability of the traditional circular shape. Offering sparkle and radiance of a round diamond, the strikingly exceptional square or slightly rectangular silhouette of a princess cut brings in novelty in an engagement ring.

Minute impurities within a princess cut diamond lend the stone slight colored tints. You can choose stones that rank little bit higher on the color grading scale. Diamonds of ‘I’ or ‘H’ levels (near colorless) make ideal princess cut engagement rings. An absolutely flawless diamond is exceedingly rare and valued accordingly.

What to Look For in Princess Cut Engagement Rings

If you are buying a princess cut engagement ring, keeping in mind the following topics may come handy.

Mind Your 4Cs

Make sure you buy a princess cut diamond that meets the required parameters of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The desired cut and clarity specifications typically call for brilliant faceting and comparatively eye-clean appearance. Decide the shape you want – perfectly square or slightly rectangular and identify the right length to width ratio to find the precise dimension. A near colorless diamond without blemishes visible to naked eye ranks higher on the clarity grading scale. The size of the princess cut diamond depends on its carat weight. Higher carat weight rakes in bigger price tags.

Varied Settings and Designs

Solitaire, accent stones, side stones – there are simply no dearth of designs and settings when it comes to princess cut engagement rings. The choice obviously depends on your partner’s personal style preferences and your budget.
Choose a gorgeous princess cut diamond engagement ring for your beloved and surprise her.

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