The Difference Between Certified and Uncertified Diamond Earrings

You must have noticed celebrities strolling around Red Carpet events, pausing to answer questions, flash smiles at eager fans and posing to better display their finery. Their most apparel is always their earrings, studded with the rarest, most beautifully cut diamonds available. Many stars are careful to only buy diamonds certified by the most reputable […]

Asscher cut diamonds, glamorous in any piece of jewelry

This eye-catching cut was developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. It resembles an emerald cut, with both possessing cropped corners and sets of parallel facets that highlight the transparency of a diamond. For the most beautiful results, try to choose as high a quality stone as your budget will […]

Glittering Finery for the Ears

For centuries, jewelers have strived to improve and refine how they cut diamonds, to maximize sparkle while preserving size. Today’s diamond connoisseurs are able to enjoy the fruits of these innovations, whether in the form of tiny circles reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, large rectangles of purest clarity, or anything else a person […]

Diamond Rings and determining a finger size

The majority of diamond rings are used to mark engagements and weddings. Simple or extravagant, an engagement ring is a step towards a long and happy life together. Your fiancé will want to show it off to their friends, colleagues, and family. No matter what style of ring the two of you choose, size matters. […]

Important information about loose diamonds

If you’re buying diamonds as an investment, loose stones may be your best value. Along with the four C’s, you should become familiar with some of the terms used in the industry. Brilliance is one of diamond’s most celebrated qualities. Colloquially, it may refer to the overall brightness and shine of a diamond. In gemological […]

Three stone rings can have different purposes

Three stone engagement rings have become popular in recent times. Every couple that thinks of getting married considers three stone rings for their eye catching yet timeless designs that steal the heart. A three stone ring may have a larger diamond in the center with small complementary stones on either side. The makers of these […]

Diamond Jewelry Collection at Valentin Magro

When buying diamond jewelry, it’s best to seek trustworthy stores. has over 30 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing. Our master craftsmen use highly innovative methods and technology, using only the best standards to make the jewelry of your dreams. We provide an enormous range of diamond jewelry, from necklaces to cufflinks. offers […]

Investing in Certified Diamonds and Jewelry

If you want to become a savvy buyer of diamond jewelry, you must know all the elements that go into purchasing diamond accessories. Always ask for a quality assurance certificate along with the jewel, which states the quality and transparency of the product. There are various online stores that can provide you with verified pieces […]

Cushion cut diamond

Buying diamonds from

Diamonds and their incomparable hardness represent the strength provided by love. If you are planning to express yourself to someone special with a diamond ring, don’t hesitate. Jewels can speak enough to express your love to your sweetheart. It is very important that the stone you are purchasing should be as genuine as your thoughts. […]

Exquisite Diamond Rings

There are unlimited uses for diamonds. Their extreme hardness makes them an excellent choice for industrial work. People who are born in the month of April wear it as their signature stone. Diamond stands as the token of love and commitment for weddings and engagements. Make your fiancée proud with a diamond ring. Renowned companies […]