Wedding Bands for Women – The Right Metal Imparts to the Rings the Elegance and Longevity They Deserve

The ring that you give to your girl while taking the auspicious wedding vows, is one of the most special and memorable purchases you make in life. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that not only adorns the ring finger of your lady love, but also symbolizes your never ending love and commitment for her. An exquisite piece of diamond wedding ring marks the beginning of a life-long journey that’s meant to be loaded with love, sharing, happiness, companionship and loyalty. Hence, when it comes to choosing wedding bands for women, you should never compromise the look and longevity for anything at all.

Opt for the Right Metal

The type of metal you choose for your diamond wedding ring plays a major role in determining its beauty and durability. However, a smart selection begins with being aware of your options. Unless you know what the market has to offer, you can never go for the right option. So here is a guide to some of the popular precious metals you can choose from:

Yellow Gold Rings: One of the traditional and popular choices, yellow gold rings are the most convenient to wear and repair.Based on carat purity, yellow gold can be divided under various categories.  24 carat gold, which is the purest form of yellow gold,owing to being too soft to be used for jewelry creation, needs to be combined with stronger metals to be crafted into jewelry.  22 carat yellow gold, containing 91.6 percent pure gold, though soft, but is still considered sturdy enough to be chosen for wedding bands for women. Finally the 18 and 9 carat gold containing 75% and 37.5% pure gold respectively, are considered the sturdiest ones, making strong and durable wedding bands crafted into a variety of styles and settings.

White Gold Rings: Yellow gold, alloyed with other white metals like zinc or nickel, gets a silvery white color, and is known as white gold. When plated with rhodium, white gold gets a hard, reflective surface with a mesmerizing shine. Though it needs to be re-plated on showing signs of wear, white gold still continues to be a popular and fashionable choice for women’s wedding band. In present times, rose gold is also becoming a very popular and trendy choice.

Platinum Rings: Owing to its rarity and its smooth, silky finish, platinum is one of the most expensive and ostentatious metals of all, when it comes to crafting wedding bands for women. Not only is it elegant and mesmerizing, but also heavy and durable.

Sterling Silver: One of the affordable white metals, sterling silver though holds a more grey tone compared to platinum, is no way inferior in terms of beauty and elegance. It is similar to yellow gold in being extremely soft, and hence needs to be alloyed with copper or other metals to be used for crafting durable jewelry.

Make a smart and informed choice to pamper your wedding moment with the most spectacular wedding ring for the would-be-bride.

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