Customize the Diamond Engagement Ring to Create the Correct One


Every individual has a vision of how they wish their engagement ring to look. But at times, it may be difficult to find an exact replica of your mental image. What should you do? The solution you seek is simple – customize the diamond engagement ring to suit your specifics.

With a step-by-step guide on how to customize an engagement ring, it becomes easy.

But even before you begin, make sure you have a budget in mind; otherwise you may end up spending much more than what you intended on the loose diamonds or the setting style. Determine the budget before you take one step in this direction.

Step 1: Choose a diamond. Do you wish for a big white stunner or a smaller stone would do? Do you need to make sure it is of a particular shape? Do you want it to be of a certain hue to catch the fancy of your beloved?

  • Carat – Would your girl be happy with a 0.10 carat diamond or do you need to put in at least a 3 carat diamond to impress her? Whatever you choose, remember, it would have a significant effect on the price.
  • Cut – A perfectly cut diamond would have the right proportion, symmetry, and polish to make it a dazzler. But you can also settle for less with a good cut that brings out the light and fire from the facets.
  • Color – White diamonds are the classic choice; however, if you think your sweetheart would love a little drama, you can always opt for a colored one. Pink and yellow diamonds are quite the rage nowadays.
  • Clarity – The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it would be. Consider what exactly you need to make sure you pick the perfect stone for the engagement ring. Also, think about the price factor.
  • Shape – Is a princess cut diamond good or you had better opt for a radiant cut? You need to have a good idea about the tastes, preferences, and lifestyle of your special someone to find the shape of the diamond for the ring.

Step 2: Choose a setting. Again, you need to concentrate on what works for your beloved before you make the decision here. A simple solitaire in platinum or a vibrant halo in pink and white gold – which one would she love?

  • Metal – Yellow, white, rose gold or platinum depends on what you think would be right, as well as what would fit your budget. Consider what would look the loveliest with the stone you have selected and opt for it.
  • Style – A classy woman would love a vintage-inspired engagement ring, but it wouldn’t go well with a lady with modern tastes. For her, it is best to choose solitaire, side-stone, or a halo design.

Step 3: Choose the size. The final phase in the customization process is the ring size. If you can, get a sample of the rings she wears to make sure what you get fits. If you cannot, buy a ring a little bigger than you think necessary. You could resize it later.

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