Princess Cut Diamond: Distinctive Shape and Outstanding Brilliance


The popularity of princess cut diamond is only preceded by the highest selling round brilliant diamond. The unique silhouette and stunning brilliance of a princess cut diamond has made an infinitely trendy and desired choice for engagement rings.

Popularized by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz around 1980, the princess cut diamond is the most celebrated fancy cut. Just like its circular counterpart, princess cut diamonds make an ideal choice in engagement rings thanks to their flexibility in complementing almost every conceivable style of rings.

Princess Cut Diamond: Precision of Shape

Conventionally a square cut, the princess has four sides of equal lengths. However, princess cut diamonds vary greatly in their outlines ranging from sharply square to quite rectangular. All other aspects being identical, the more notably rectangular a princess cut diamond, the lesser the price it obtains. There are many buyers who actually prefer a slightly rectangular shape over the pointed corners and defined contours of a precise square. It is all about finding one that appeals to you most.

To identify the perfect shape of your princess cut diamond, find out the right length to width ratio. Any length to width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05 will appear perfectly square to the naked eye. If the princess diamond will have a setting of side diamonds, a length to width ratio between 1.05 and 1.08 may still appear square, as side diamonds create an illusion of larger width in the center diamond. When buying a loose princess cut diamond, ensure that the diamond certificate includes exact measurement details for determining the quality and shape of the diamond you are considering.

Setting of a Princess Cut Diamond

A princess cut diamond must always be set with prongs to safeguard the four corners as they are also the most likely locations for chipping. On the other hand, flaws like extra facets, other inclusions, and naturals tend to get accumulated in the outer edges of the corners. These flaws become invisible once the stone is set and covered by the prongs.

Of all different square cuts, the brilliant cut princess diamond comes the closest in achieving the brilliance and fire of a round brilliant diamond. Princess cut diamond also tends to have a relatively lower price per carat compared to round cut diamonds. Also, the corner-to-corner measurement of a princess cut is usually 15% bigger than the diameter of an equal-weight round diamond, making an illusion of bigger size.

Find your ideal princess cut diamond to make a dazzlingly unique style statement.

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