These Rings Blend Effervescence with Exceptionality


Universally regarded as the second most admired choice of diamond after the round brilliant, the princess cut diamond has been steadily gaining in popularity around the world. With its brilliant faceting and unique square shape, the princess cut diamond combines the finest of diamond world – gleaming brilliance and exceptional fancy shape.


The Round Vs Princess Cut: The Choice is YOURS

Carat for carat, in a princess cut diamond the crown surface area is nearly 10% lower than a round diamond of equal weight. Nevertheless, the corner-to-corner dimension of a princess cut diamond is typically 15% larger than the diameter of a round diamond of equal carat weight. Hence, a princess cut diamond ring appears bigger as it creates the much sought-after illusion of greater size. Diamond ring studded with princess shaped center stone creates an elongated slender effect on the finger.

Compared to round diamonds, princess cut diamonds tend to have comparatively lower price per carat. Unlike round diamonds, two princess-cut diamonds can be cut from a single rough stone with minimal waste. Hence, greater yield or efficiency translates to a moderately lower price.


Parameters of Princess Cut Diamond Rings

When buying princess cut diamond rings, keep an eye on the color. Being a brilliant cut, princess diamond makes it hard to perceive the real shade of the rough as it radiantly reflects the light. However, since light return is relatively superior in a round brilliant, it is recommended that you choose a ring with princess cut diamond in the color of H or I.

Concerning clarity, a princess cut diamond hides inclusions effectively. Presence of inclusion in any of the four corners of the diamond will significantly increase the possibility of chipping and affect its durability. When it comes to clarity, SI1 or VS2 clarity diamonds are confirmed to be eye-clean.

In a princess cut diamond, GIA grades symmetry and polish. However, unlike round diamonds, there is no industry-wide consensus on the parameters that make the perfect princess cut diamond.

A length to width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05 makes a beautifully square princess cut diamond. However, if you prefer something little bit more rectangular, look for a ratio between 1.08 and 1.15 for a charming appearance.

Princess cut diamond offers an ideal combination of distinctive shape, relatively reasonable price range, and splendidly sparkling appearance.

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