Diamonds Certified with Purity and Trust

The popularity of diamonds makes them a prime choice for jewelry. Suiting all attires, occasions and skin color, diamonds are something that everyone wishes for. Diamond mounted jewelry is in great demand due to their glittering interiors and outstanding strength. Valentin Magro aims to make diamond designs even more exceptional. With modernity and innovation embedded […]

Diamonds are a unique beauty of nature

Diamonds are an eternal representation of love and everlasting promise, marking the commitment and faith a relationship stands on. Owning a diamond ring is a cherished dream for all, a symbol of the unbreakable bonds of marital bliss and an eternal possession of joy. Today diamond rings come in diverse designs and metals, such as […]

Looking for an elegant diamond engagement ring?

The most elegant way to propose to the love of your life is with a diamond ring. With the help of a perfect diamond, your sweetheart will no doubt say yes. If you are looking for that perfect and affordable engagement ring, there are a number of options available on the market. Many online jewelers […]

Exquisite Diamond Jewelry Pieces

Diamonds are prized across multiple cultures for their beauty and strength. They are especially popular for adorning rings, earrings and necklaces. However, pieces studded with diamond stones seem to be affordable only to a fortunate few, for a number of reasons. First, diamonds undergo a complex journey from kimberlite and lamproite volcanic pipes, where the […]

How to take care of your certified loose diamonds

When you buy certified loose diamonds, make sure that they come with protective cases. Diamonds are the hardest substance in nature, resilient to scratches and cracks. The only thing that can introduce cuts and slices to your diamond is another diamond. Storing two or more unsecured in the same container may cause the stones to […]

Jewelry and Diamonds The Perfect Combination

Diamonds come in many shapes, sizes, cuts, and colors. Whether it’s a marquise cut, pear, oval or round, diamonds make a pendant, earrings or necklace shine. Diamonds add a special touch to any piece of jewelry. Their monetary value aside, diamonds are unique among all gemstones in the emotional value they hold. Whether it’s for […]

Diamond Earrings beautiful accent pieces

Even during ancient times, men and women wore earrings to enhance their appearance while signaling their place in the world. While some choose designs in solid silver, gold or platinum, earrings can also be decorated with jewels such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies or diamonds. Studs are the most common type of earrings, often featuring an […]

Diamonds – The Hardest Gems

No jewel has ever fascinated the public more than diamonds. These sparkling beauties are made of carbon arranged into a honeycomb structure at the molecular level. There is a popular saying that only a diamond can cut another diamond. Their construction makes them the hardest substance on earth. Diamonds emerged in the earth’s crust through […]

So many designs to choose from, for your Engagement Ring

When buying engagement rings, finding the right style is essential. Your partner may be very particular about the type of ring she wants. One may try to find meaning not just from the size of the diamonds, but from the design as well. Tradition tells us that men pay for diamond engagement rings, keeping their […]

High Quality Loose Diamonds

Choosing from a wide selection of diamond jewelry is a luxurious experience. However, those seeking a one-of-a-kind creation may prefer a different approach. Purchasing loose diamonds and bringing them to your jeweler of choice allows for greater flexibility in achieving the style you desire. Unmounted diamonds make an excellent investment, as they are always in […]