The Flexibility of Loose Diamonds

Some enjoy diamonds for their own sake. Others find a beautiful jewel and seek to find a setting worthy of the stone. Still more wish to customize the jewelry of their dreams. For all of these people, loose diamonds are an excellent option. Without mountings getting in the way, one can examine a loose diamond […]

Phenomenal Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are among the most beautiful diamond cuts. They have the longest facets of any diamond cut, underscoring the clarity and color of the jewel. Along with specialized features, emerald cut diamonds are well suited to many different types of settings. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, cushion cut diamonds […]

Purchase certified diamonds online

Everyone wants diamonds in their jewelry box. When buying the jewels of your dreams, always choose a reliable shop. You do not need to inspect retail store to find certified diamonds. Online stores provide GIA certified diamonds and diamond jewelry at competitive prices. They also offer special discounts for clients. Some connoisseurs prefer certified loose […]

Choose Peace of Mind with Certified Diamonds

When buying diamond jewelry, people want the best they can afford. Though many vendors had names and titles to describe the quality of their diamonds, there wasn’t a standard until the 1950s, when the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established the 4Cs grading system. Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous merchants who mislabel their diamonds to […]

Choosing the perfect certified diamond earrings

Among our diamond jewelry, diamond earrings are quite popular. Their aesthetic value is enhanced by the fact that all their stones are certified. The moment you put them on, your confidence grows, causing you to exude an aura of grace and elegance. No other earrings can compare. If you are looking to purchase a present […]

Fancy Diamonds

If you are looking for something to surprise your loved one, there is no better way than with diamonds. Many people today understand the value of the jewel, both as an investment and as a symbol of the heart. There are several ways to find the best diamond stones for you and your beloved. There […]

Feel Like a Princess

People looking to buy a diamond engagement ring have a range of cuts to choose from. Those who want their jewels to shine turn to the assortment of radiant cuts available, from the traditional round brilliant and cushion cut diamonds to fancier shapes like the heart cut. One of these types, the princess cut, is […]

The Appeal of Gold

The Appeal of Gold

As far back as 4000 BCE, people have turned to gold for precious jewelry. Its shine, color and malleability have made it a perennial favorite for shaping into any adornment one dreams of. Gold combines beauty with the love between two people, in the form of engagement rings and wedding bands. For strength, gold is […]

Engagement Rings as Stylish as You Please

Custom gives women a wealth of engagement ring designs to choose from. Solid metal is an option, as are single stone rings, those with a rainbow of gemstones, or the white brilliance of pure diamonds. The bands themselves may be simple, engraved, chased, or shaped to mimic flowers and animals. With so many engagement rings […]

The Subtle Elegance of an Emerald cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamonds are noted for the clean lines formed from their parallel facets. Unlike diamonds with cuts made to scatter light throughout the stone, emerald cuts allow the viewer to gaze deep into the jewel. It’s an excellent choice for those who love simplicity and straight lines. With relatively little play of light to […]