Three Grandiose Ideas for A Beach Proposal

You know you love her in her entirety and she does for the person you are and there is no one else you wish to spend the rest of your days with but her, it’s time to make her your own. Now, popping the life-changing question is perhaps the most exciting moment in a relationship. Seldom people go unprepared and bring it out dryly just like that. To make the day special, a little preparedness is essential. Taking her on a beach holiday is one of the many fine ideas that people resort to with very a high success rate. Even when you have brought her into a romantic setting, you need to have to plan a proposal.

Writing It Out in the Sand
Instead of asking her verbally which often makes it very casual, you can etch the question in sand. Beat her to the beach early in the morning and find a favorable spot within the visuals of the room that the water does not lap. Now find a broken twig or a stick and write out the special message in big letters. Do not forget the punctuation for your message will then lose its rhythm. As she wakes up and walks to the window, the message would be the first thing she sets her eyes on. Stand by your line and watch her nod with tearful eyes.

A Moment by the Beach
Even an ordinary moment can be turned into something very special if you know how. A getaway to the beach is romantic in itself. What’s idyllic is the walk along the shoreline, holding hands with the love of your life, speaking seldom, watching the wind caressing her hair, the water swishing her feet, and in that one moment as you catch a lock of stray hair grazing her face, pull her hand close to your heart, look her in the eyes and ask her to be yours, forever. Nothing can beat that classic move, as long as you get it right. If your lady is not a fan of the on-the-knees pose, skip it altogether. Just keep a ring handy to save the day.

Singing by the Bonfire
If you are good with any musical instrument, and you have a spot for a bonfire by the beach, all you are short of is a ring to make the proposal ideal. Light up a bonfire after sundown, and play a romantic track on your instrument. At the base of the decrescendo, take your ring out and let the words fall out of your lips. Do not forget to appoint a proficient photographer to capture the moment in the glow of fire, with embers flying from the fire and fireflies studding the background as you hold out the ring and watch a heart melting smile spread across her lips.

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