A Budget Guide for Diamond Ring Buyers

What you choose for a gift adds meaning to the face value of the commodity, making it a souvenir. When it is about picking something expensive as a diamond ring, most people find a mental block from the question – “How much is too much?”. So, should you limit yourself to the end of the range or go liberal to the extent your purse permits? Of all the people who seek the truth to this question, men readying themselves up to pop the question to their ladies make the most. Thinking the question through, there should be some basics upon which the answer balances itself.

Find the Meaning, the Price Will Follow

Do not guide your search for the right ring by your budget. Let your choice accommodate the price. Sort out a few you like and enquire the prices. Tally and you may pick as it suits you. But, what’s important is to know what meaning it would hold for the concerned person and the place of that person in your life and heart. If it’s the replacement of a lost heirloom that will go to your descendants, then you can’t let the price mind you. If it’s a wedding gift for a very close friend, you will know where to stop. Lastly, if it’s your anniversary, speak of nothing below one carat princess cut.

Everybody Wants a Perfect Proposal
So how much an engagement ring should ideally cost? A few mil, give or take. Well, but that exceeds the reach and limit of most. Well, for a moment, our imagination went awry thinking of the sparklers celebrity wives sport. The rings mostly wear tens of carats of diamonds. But, your ring can be equally aesthetically alluring without a rock clipped to it. You just need a pair of eyes that can single out the piece from the galore. Take with you your sister, your lady friend, but not your girlfriend to help you make the choice. The rest of the magic can be concocted by the engravings you choose for the inside of the ring. The initials of the couple is way too prosaic and you ain’t no plebeian. So, try something in ancient rune or just “Forever yours”. Don’t go wordy.

Finally Some Practical Advice
There should be no hard and fast rule to the figure of money that should be spent on a diamond ring. The smile it draws upon the face of the special person is priceless, and that is worth no material things. But, when you write that check out or swipe the card at the billing counter, make sure you are not loaning two months of your salary in advance to round that sum up. Be generous, but wisely so.

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