Feel Like a Princess

People looking to buy a diamond engagement ring have a range of cuts to choose from. Those who want their jewels to shine turn to the assortment of radiant cuts available, from the traditional round brilliant and cushion cut diamonds to fancier shapes like the heart cut. One of these types, the princess cut, is […]

The Appeal of Gold

The Appeal of Gold

As far back as 4000 BCE, people have turned to gold for precious jewelry. Its shine, color and malleability have made it a perennial favorite for shaping into any adornment one dreams of. Gold combines beauty with the love between two people, in the form of engagement rings and wedding bands. For strength, gold is […]

Engagement Rings as Stylish as You Please

Custom gives women a wealth of engagement ring designs to choose from. Solid metal is an option, as are single stone rings, those with a rainbow of gemstones, or the white brilliance of pure diamonds. The bands themselves may be simple, engraved, chased, or shaped to mimic flowers and animals. With so many engagement rings […]

The Subtle Elegance of an Emerald cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamonds are noted for the clean lines formed from their parallel facets. Unlike diamonds with cuts made to scatter light throughout the stone, emerald cuts allow the viewer to gaze deep into the jewel. It’s an excellent choice for those who love simplicity and straight lines. With relatively little play of light to […]

A Heart-Shaped Diamond for Romantics

One fancy diamond cut resembles a popular symbol, the heart. Great skill must be used to make the heart sparkle, while preserving as much crystal as possible and other details. The effort involved in making a beautiful heart shape reflects the time and care you and your dearest have put into your relationship. By balancing […]

Glittering Pear Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds are full of possibilities. Not only do they hold their own as solitaires on rings and pendants, they catch the light when they hang from necklaces, bracelets and earrings, causing all to stop and stare. Choosing a setting worthy of your pear diamonds can be a challenge. Another option is to consider […]

The Elegance of the Marquise Diamond

The sheer elegance of the marquise diamond is based on its ability to maximize a diamond’s carat weight. Diamond cutters will tell you that when they cut a rough into a marquise they end up preserving more than 50% carat weight. To get the best possible stone, ask your jeweler to give you information regarding […]

All there is to know about the Emerald Cut Diamond

In the world of diamonds and precious stones, emerald cut diamonds are some of the most widely available. Their shape and bold simple lines have captured the heart of connoisseurs for generations. At the same time it is important to note that emerald cuts lack the brilliance diamonds are famed for, but emphasizes a stone’s […]

About the classic string of pearls

A necklace of pearls knotted along a string has been fashionable for generations. Variations are plentiful, such as length, type of pearl, graduated or uniform sizes and number of rows. Necklace lengths are a special category, with individual names for each size. A 12-13 inch strand of pearls that rests on the middle of a […]

The Sentiment of Engagement Rings

If you want to show your beloved how much they mean to you, try saying it with an engagement ring. Giving a diamond engagement ring shows the everlasting strength of your love. To receive an engagement ring is to feel the words “I’ll love you forever.” To give a designer engagement ring fills the heart […]