Diamond Showstoppers at the Oscars


Celebrities are photographed for their haute couture fashion, their high-profile partners, their infamous moves and their million dollar jewelry. When it comes to fashion, events like the Oscars is never short of a spectacle. The red carpet teems with ladies and gentlemen showing off their best shapes and wears. Even in the crowd of glitterati, every now and then, a celebrity stands out for her exceptional choice of jewelry or a ring in her fourth finger that she wasn’t seen wearing before.
For fashion lovers, accessories that multiply the worth of the invitees at the Oscars are potential sources of inspirations. Why not after all, when the world’s most popular designers and jewelers come together, what we have before us is a full on show.
Take a look at some showstoppers that sizzled the event in the past few years just by their sparklers.

Nicole Kidman
The 2008 Oscars was an event to remember as celebrities walked the line flaunting what appeared to be a cascade of diamonds. The star studded night shimmered by the beautiful crowd and the diamond jewels that adorned them. Hollywood’s favorite, Nicole Kidman walked the event in a spectacular diamond neckpiece that in contrast to her lacy black gown glowed like fire. Her piece was a wonderful specimen of cascading jewelry that eventually found a frontal place in the market soon after.

Anne Hathway
Her tall and lissome frame was clad in Valentini gown, blazing red in color. Reflecting the red from her gown was the 94 carat diamond neck piece that sat around her collar bone sucking in all the attention from her gown and even her face. The piece made everything around it appear dull and lifeless. The brilliance of the stones, not to mention the wonderful design and the size of the stones, make the ornament a one-of affair. The necklace alone made her the star of the evening.

Angelina Jolie
In the same year, Hollywood’s glamour queen Angelina Jolie appeared at the Oscars sporting a pair of sage emerald earrings. Jolie carefully created her ensemble with a simplistic black gown so that all eyes ran towards the $2.5 ear pieces that were dangling off her delicate lobes. They were the real showstoppers in the event. The rings looked just a notch over perfect with her puffed-up, brushed-back hair style and very minimalistic makeup. The earrings each use a pair of stones, one for the top, and another for the dangling bottom, joined at the center with a sleek gold hinge.

Other celebrities that transfixed the crowd with their priceless diamond accessories were Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner and Gloria Stuart. Since that year onward, diamonds have grown into one of the obsessions of the Hollywood celebs, and the Oscars makes the best stage for a show.

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