Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: A Never-ending Journey of Fascination

Undoubtedly ‘the’ most popular and researched diamond shape, round brilliant cut diamond represents approximately 75% of the diamonds sold globally. Thanks to the mechanics of this precise silhouette and cut, a round brilliant is considered superior to different fancy diamond shapes for flawlessly reflecting light and maximizing potential brilliance. A round diamond is versatile and […]

Dazzle Your Beloved with a Well-Planned Proposal

You have decided to take your relationship to the next level and get engaged. The only problem – you have no clue about how to do it right! Many men face this dilemma. But it need not be so difficult. With a little thought, it can be the best proposal ever. Here are a few […]

Diamond Wedding Band – The Most Precious Gift For Any Woman

The diamond wedding ring is a possession every woman treasures till their last breath. And this is neither because of the material worth of the ring, nor its breathtaking beauty. A diamond wedding band is special because it is given to a woman by the man she loves and chooses to be her partner for […]

The Magic and Mystery of Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The allure and splendor of a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring needs no introduction. For a bride-to-be it is definitely a dream come true. Arguably, round brilliant is the quintessential diamond and unquestionably among the most luminous. For over centuries, this classic shape has epitomized the outstanding craftsmanship of diamond cutters. The precise 58 […]

Dazzlingly Exceptional: Princess Cut Engagement Rings

A princess cut engagement ring has a presence that is both elegant and dramatic. It is an iconic yet exceptional symbol of lifetime commitment and true love. In its stunning brilliance is the promise of a future together. Dazzling, superlative, and rare – a perfectly proportioned princess cut diamond of breathtaking beauty elevates the quotient […]

Princess Cut Diamond: Distinctive Shape and Outstanding Brilliance

The popularity of princess cut diamond is only preceded by the highest selling round brilliant diamond. The unique silhouette and stunning brilliance of a princess cut diamond has made an infinitely trendy and desired choice for engagement rings. Popularized by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz around 1980, the princess cut diamond is the most celebrated […]

Customize the Diamond Engagement Ring to Create the Correct One

Every individual has a vision of how they wish their engagement ring to look. But at times, it may be difficult to find an exact replica of your mental image. What should you do? The solution you seek is simple – customize the diamond engagement ring to suit your specifics. With a step-by-step guide on […]