Jewelry That Will Make You Fall in Love with Emeralds All Over Again


Emerald is a gemstone that seeks to highlight any skin tone; brown, black, Caucasian, name it and there is emerald for all. Recently, jewelers have returned their focus on emerald, taking a quick break from diamonds to shine the spotlight on this pretty gemstone. With time, the approach to the designs of emerald ornaments has undergone radical transformation. Jewelers have driven off the roads of tradition to shape a new one. Let’s take a tour through a particularly distinguished collection of emerald jewelry.

Solitaire Rings
Octagonal-cut emeralds made some very shy and unsure appearances in the past until jewelers found the right repositories to place them. This ring has an enamel heart which is an apex-up octagon-cut stone. Held by a never-before setting which is a hybrid of prong and bezel settings, this one has little tongs emerging from the round seat of the stone to guard its position. The band is an interesting flipped double comfort style.
Another ring that celebrates nature with its emerald engagement is the simple square-cut emerald ring. Keeping the band style same, the jewelers have replaced the cap with a perfect square emerald held by a twin-clasp prong setting. An exemplary specimen of minimalistic design, this one is just as lovely as it gets.

Paw Emerald Set
This assemblage contains a pair of earrings and a twin pendant. Emerald set at the center of two cat paw earrings, the only thing that separates this piece from the furry feet of its muse is its finesse and detail. While the first pendant is a matching paw style emerald piece with size no larger or smaller than that of the earrings, the second piece is the larger and more noticeable one. At first sight, it may look like a dog tag, broken into two halves and serrated in the edges, but a closer look will reveal the originality of the design. This pendant has sparing use of emeralds and that is done consciously, not just to trim the cost, but to stick to the design. The serration on the sides and the split at the center gives the shape the incongruence to match it with anything you have seen.
The two halves are joined by a little wire that passes underneath without showing from outside. It can be worn with a thin short snake chain.

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