Bands for Him: Some Signature Designs to Peruse

Eternity bands are what couples are exchanging at the altar these days. This shift of choice from extravagant solitaire rings to simpler wedding bands may signify one thing, and that is a change towards minimalistic designs. Diamond solitaire rings are not really elaborate in design, but they have recently taken a back seat, overtaken by these petite bands. These rings are very subtle and believe it or not, they are still as classy as the solitaires. For men, these bands come in a diversity of designs that never leave the minimal side of the scale. Here are some designs that add to the convenience of the wearers while jazzing up their entire attire.

Diamond Resin Inlay Titanium Ring

Titanium is known to be a strong and corrosion-resistant metal. This ring only doubles up the metal’s durability by the virtue of a highly compact design. The band is separated into two resin strands in the front to make space for a channel set of diamonds. Seven small diamonds sit in a line filling up the vacuum in between. The ring has a very masculine feel about it.

Diamond-Comfort-Fit Band

This one is a little more embellished than the others, but still quite sleek in its aesthetics. It contains 20 round cut diamonds in two series placed right one below the other, the band contours the channel-set beautifully.

Brushed Metal Strip Middle Band

This is by far the most attractive of all, but that is true only to the eyes that appreciate the beauty of subtlety. This one wears two different kinds of polish and that accentuates the overall aesthetics of the band. It has a brushed metal middle and polished sides. Made of titanium no less than aircraft-grade, this ring is 8 millimeter wide and has a design that is literally universal. It is wholly corrosion-resistant, despite the high polish of the edges. The center has a gentle copper tinge while the sides bear the looks of sterling silver.

Blue-Plated Ridged Edge Wedding Ring

This one is spectacular on its own rights. It might not be curved out of expensive metals, or carry extravagantly worthy jewel stones, but it does have the grandeur to stand out from the rest. Very stylish, it comes with a polished finish. The ring is too beautiful to escape notice and too good to ever look absurd with any kind of clothing.

Each of these bands is worth a second look.

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