Keeping the Diamonds Shiny Like the First Time

A sparkler doesn’t continue to sparkle in similar intensity throughout its life. Though following every little cleaning act, they may appear as shiny as new, that is actually a decimal lesser than the last, each time. So, what does one do to keep their diamonds shimmering with undiminished radiance throughout? Well, the answer lies in a few very simple and easy-to-practice tips. Though diamonds are indestructible, a little dirt and grime or a knock at the corner of the table can rob it off its sparkle. However, the obvious does not negate the possibility of preserving the luster of a diamond. Read more on this here.


Touch Sparingly

Diamonds catch grease easier than bare skin. So, you don’t want to touch it too much. Oil from your fingertips can release a milky layer over the stone causing the real shine and brilliance to be eclipsed. Minimum handling is the first secret of a shiny stone. So, if you have a habit of pivoting your ring around your finger holding it by the center stone, that has to stop immediately.

Routine Cleansing

One of the most common questions asked about diamond care is how often to clean. Ideally, you should give it a gentle scrub every week, maybe twice a week if it’s a bangle or a ring. Now, you have to pay attention to the solution you use for cleaning. Use a mild degreasing solution which should not be hard to come by at a supermarket. Just a few drops of it into a small quantity of water and your diamond cleanser is ready. Use a clean and new toothbrush to pick out dirt from precious corners and cuts of the ornaments. This will take some time and patience, but the outcome will make up for both.

Microfiber Cloth for Drying

Experts recommend any lint-free cloth, and microfiber clothing that comes with optical good is the first of this kind that you may find lying around the house. Sometimes, tension and prong settings, particularly in older clothes have a fragile hold over the stones. So, when you brush over it, make sure you are doing it in a mild motion. So, after rinsing, wipe the jewelry with a clean piece of lint-free cloth.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Once in a while, every diamond ornament needs an ultrasonic bath. If you haven’t heard of this technique, it is a recently devised method in which sound waves are made to pass through an ultrasonic cleansing solution. This causes a mild tremor in the solvent that washes the stones off all dirt and grease. While this technique has grown popular among diamond owners, it has reportedly shaken stones from their mountings in some cases. So, better not to avail this option when your diamonds have feathers or are included.

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