A Peek at the Less Known Motley Variants of Diamond

Colorless diamonds have enjoyed such uncontested popularity through centuries that everything else has been conveniently eclipsed behind its undying glory. It took eons for the other varieties of diamonds to finally come to the forefront to claim their due admiration. Buyers have long shopped translucent diamond jewelry and people’s swelling interest in colored gemstones only signal to the conclusion of the era of achromatic diamonds. Though these sparkling babies do not deserve to leave stage, in all fairness, it’s time to give other gemstones a chance.

This shift gave diamond merchants a feeling that the ground beneath them is shrinking. To save the fad from slowly slipping away, they brought to the market colored diamonds, and there was an instant bang. Though diamonds occur in very limited colors in nature, there are quite a few that have sparked long-standing interest and awe. Here are some potential choices for all you diamond lovers out there.


Pink Diamonds

Presence of other minerals add a different tinge to the otherwise colorless clusters of diamonds. Pink is a much loved variant of diamond. Though the color is hardly as pronounced as ruby, nor garnet, pink diamonds are pretty on their own rights. The mild mix of pink with the translucence of diamonds is quite a thing to watch. Unlike in other gemstones, the color in pink diamond is not dark enough to shadow the fire of colorless diamonds. Pink diamonds are mostly used in rings.

Yellow Diamonds

GIA says that diamonds of poorer grades carry a yellow hue. The touch of color owes to the presence of other minerals in the composition. However, if you have so far averted them because they didn’t appeal to your taste much, you should stop to take a look at the blazing yellow diamonds. Quite like yellow sapphires, these stones burn like the sun.

Light Green

Light green diamonds are not as popular as the rest, but are a good addition to your vault. These stones can light up a pair of danglers almost instantly. However, emeralds are often preferred better over pale green diamonds.

Greenish Gray

This is one of the darkest shades in which diamond occurs in the nature. If you fancy something extraordinary, then this is your pick. Odds are you will never find a match in a lifetime.

Grayish Blue

Blue diamonds are extremely rare, and thereby, exceptionally pricy, but are unbeatably showy.

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