Pave Wedding Bands

Wedding bands have been worn for thousands of years. During this time, materials change and designs evolved. What used to be braided reeds is now gold and platinum. Gemstones are a popular addition, especially diamonds. Pave wedding bands are a new twist on a long custom. Pave settings mount stones close together, covering the design […]

Pave Wedding Bands: An Unmatched Beauty

A day that will forever be etched in our memory is our wedding day. Every small detail and incidences pertaining to it will become a part of it. Years later as we reflect on all those moments that contributed in making the wedding memorable, consciously or unconsciously we will look down at our wedding band […]

Micro Pavé Wedding Band: Fashionably Classic and Eternally Modern

If you want to combine the spheres of maximized brilliance and minimalist design when saying ‘I do’ to your beloved, nothing does it better than a stunning micro pavé wedding band. For the amateur, micro pavé is an extremely precise setting style where very small diamonds are paved on an area of the ring, with […]

Know About Pave Wedding Bands and Other Popular Diamond Ring Settings

Choosing your wedding ring can be a real challenge, especially if you are purchasing a diamond ring for the first time. Besides being unsure about the taste and preference of your lady love, a wide array of styles, designs and settings available in diamond rings can make it all the more confusing for you to […]

Micro Pave Set Diamond Wedding Band

Warm tones make the body of this wedding band. The 18k yellow gold provides strength while preserving the metal’s rich hues. The band supports a row of round brilliant cut diamonds which glitter with the wearer’s movements. The diamonds total weight is 0.81 carats. This price is for the mounting only.

Pave Diamond Wedding Band

Platinum wedding band with two rows of pave set round brilliant diamonds. This price is for the mounting only.

History of Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands Over the Years Wedding bands are a sign of commitment to another. Everything from their shape to the finger they’re worn on has special meaning. As a tradition, they’re thousands of years old. The jewelry itself keeps transforming, from the materials used to decorations and even who wears them. The oldest known wedding […]

One on Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s jewelry is hardly as meticulously covered as women’s and whether or not due to that bit of the fact, confusion rules in the selection of men’s wedding bands. Although options are quite limitless even in men’s wedding rings, most of the time, buyers don’t seem to get their hands on the right pieces. But […]

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