Know About Pave Wedding Bands and Other Popular Diamond Ring Settings

Choosing your wedding ring can be a real challenge, especially if you are purchasing a diamond ring for the first time. Besides being unsure about the taste and preference of your lady love, a wide array of styles, designs and settings available in diamond rings can make it all the more confusing for you to make a selection. So how do you help yourself? Advisably, you should start by obtaining sufficient information on the various types of diamond ring settings available in the market. Unless you are aware of your options, you can never proceed towards making a smart selection.

Popular Styles of Diamond Ring Settings

To make it easy and less time consuming for you to choose the best looking diamond ring for your girlfriend, here is a brief guide to the most common diamond ring settings available in the market:

  • Prong Setting
    The prong setting, one of the most classic and popular ring settings, uses a little metal claw to hold the diamond tightly. Prongs can be of varied shapes, such as rounded, pointed, flat or V-shaped. In most cases, prong settings feature four or six prongs, the former offering a better display of the diamond compared to the latter. One of the major factors contributing to the popularity of this setting is that it makes the diamond the center of attention, giving the ring metal little exposure. The prong setting allows more light to pass through the diamond, thus maximizing its brilliance and allure.

  • Pave Setting
    Originating from the French word ‘to pave’, pave wedding bands feature small diamonds closely set together in a honeycomb like arrangement, with minimal visibility of the tiny prongs or metal beads holding the stones in place. The effect is one of continuous, breathtaking sparkle. To create a pave setting, skilled jewelers typically drill holes into the ring metal, place the diamonds into the holes and finally secure the stones by forming tiny beads or prongs around each of them.
    Pave setting is an excellent option when you want to add an extra level of brilliance and magnificence to a lower-set or less sparkling center stone. An outstanding tribute to the breathtaking beauty of diamonds, pave wedding bands feature a perfectly set center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds, giving the illusion of a solid diamond coated surface.

  • Bezel Setting
    Another very popular ring setting is the bezel setting, which while giving your ring a contemporary look, makes it suitable for an active lifestyle. Instead of using prongs to hold the diamond in place, the bezel setting uses a thin metal rim to keep the stone secured.


Apart from these, there are other types of diamond ring settings as well, such as Tension Setting, Channel Setting, Halo Setting, Cathedral Setting and more, which can be chosen from, based on what you want for your girl’s beautiful fingers.

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