Pave Wedding Bands: An Unmatched Beauty


A day that will forever be etched in our memory is our wedding day. Every small detail and incidences pertaining to it will become a part of it. Years later as we reflect on all those moments that contributed in making the wedding memorable, consciously or unconsciously we will look down at our wedding band and smile. The wedding band will be your constant and loyal companion from the day you get hitched. It acts as a constant connector between you and your partner even when one has to go out for an extended period of time for some work or business purpose.

A wedding band was always thought to be a plain, simple band of gold, silver or platinum and without much elaboration. But that was a thing of the past. Contemporary wedding bands are intricately designed and heavily ornated with gemstones. Much has been said and heard about the pave wedding bands. A mere look at it is enough to make you fall in love instantly. Elegantly paved with diamonds or other gemstones, the pave wedding bands have gone on to become a favorite choice amongst the fashionable women of today. They are classic and glamorous and the glittering tiny diamonds create an illusion of a chain of unbroken diamonds.

A pave diamond band is one in which the ring’s band is paved with small diamonds which are encrusted along the surface of the ring, hiding the metal within and making the appearance of the diamond more prominent. The pave setting makes use of tiny beads or minute prongs which hold each of the stones together one after the other. This setting minimizes the visibility of the metal and maximizes the beauty of the diamonds. In a micro pave wedding band, each of the diamonds is held individually and there is no rim of metal. This allows for more light to pass through each individual stone.
Pave wedding bands can be constructed with white gold or platinum, which are the most sought after choice. They can also be made out of yellow gold that will enhance the traditional look of the ring. They are without a doubt one of the most enchanting choices for couples. They may require some special care and may be a tad expensive, but they are a unique choice for someone who wishes to express their unending love to their partner.

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