Micro Pavé Wedding Band: Fashionably Classic and Eternally Modern

If you want to combine the spheres of maximized brilliance and minimalist design when saying ‘I do’ to your beloved, nothing does it better than a stunning micro pavé wedding band.
For the amateur, micro pavé is an extremely precise setting style where very small diamonds are paved on an area of the ring, with virtually no metal showing to create an effect of unbroken sparkle. Thanks to advanced technology, increased efficiency and precision can be achieved in the designs. However, many purists deem a piece ‘pavé’ or ‘micro pavé’ only if it has been crafted entirely by hand. If you consider yourself one such distinguished aficionado, get ready to shell out an equally impressive price to own your micro pavé wedding band meticulously designed by skilled diamond setters.
Micro pavé wedding bands come in as astonishingly varied designs. It can be a simple yet graceful eternity band with dazzling diamonds encircling it completely or a more intricate and elaborate outline where multiple rows of diamonds come together to create a voluminous band of glitter. If something exquisite yet unique is your preference, sculptural designs like a curved band with micro pavé diamonds is sensuous yet subtle. Its affinity for the contours of her body and tactile appeal creates an intimate bond with her.

Different cuts of diamonds are used in micro pavé wedding bands with round brilliant colorless diamonds enjoying the highest popularity. Apart from transparent diamonds, micro pavé wedding bands can flaunt equally enthralling colored diamonds as well as other gemstones. Though naturally produced options are extremely rare, diamonds in the shades of pink, blue, yellow, or red in hues of various depth and intensity adds glamour and mystery to an otherwise conventional design. Other gemstone wedding bands most typically include sapphire and diamond. Nevertheless, you can include any gemstone ranging from popular emerald and ruby to exceptional choices like aquamarine or even a pristine pearl.

In micro pavé wedding band, diamonds are almost always set in gold – both white and yellow, and platinum. These two metals are durable, strong, and lustrous enough to secure, protect, and flatter that precious stone.
Gorgeous patterns and clusters of diamonds in an alluring silhouette, micro pavé wedding band will present your special someone a sparkling surprise.

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