Different types of Precious Metals

Precious metal forms the basis of fine jewelry. It’s malleable enough to shape into wires, wedding bands, beads or any other shape required by the designer. They’re resistant to corroding and oxidization, giving them an element of durability that makes them suited for frequent wear.

About Gold

Gold is a precious metal with many special qualities. It is soft, making it easy to chase, draw, polish, hammer, engrave or otherwise bend to a designer’s wishes. At the same time, it withstands heat, oxidization and damage from most chemicals. In addition to its malleability and durability, it has a strong luster and a deep yellow color long prized for its beauty.

Metal Cleaning

Most of the precious metals that make up fine jewelry are noble, making unlikely to oxidize when in contact with damp air. Silver is still prone to developing a patina over time.

Precious Metal

Electrum, Shibuichi, Die Struck, Etching, Filigree, Granulation, Repousse, Niello, Mille Grain, Electroplate, Bloom Finish, Patina, Shakudo, Oxidized Silver, Chasing, Brush Finish, Opus Interrasile,