Diamond rings are beautiful, as are those made solely from metal. They’re as popular as wedding bands, representing a meaningful event in the wearer’s life. Though daily use subjects these rings to wear and tear, there are ways to keep them in good condition.

Gold and platinum are popular precious metals for rings. While wearable in their purest forms, they’re quite soft. To promote durability, the metals are blended with other materials. The exact alloys and proportions vary. With gold, the amount is measured in karat. Fourteen and eighteen karat gold wedding bands are commonly produced. Platinum alloys are described in percentages.

When putting your rings away, make sure they have individual places. This could mean separate boxes or even wrapping them in tissue paper. The important thing is ensuring they don’t brush against one another. This could lead to worn sections on the bands.

People often place multiple bands on one finger, or stack. Engagement rings and wedding bands are often worn this way. As with storing rings together, wearing them so close may lead to rubbing, then scratches. One way to prevent this is to solder the bands together.

As with jeweled rings, plain bands may benefit from occasional cleaning. Warm water and mild detergent cleans metal with little risk. Rings with elaborate engraved designs may need some extra care. A soft toothbrush might help remove debris from harder to reach areas.