When we talk about precious metals, the first thing that comes to mind is gold. Although other metals like platinum, palladium, titanium, stainless steel, etc. have become popular, gold still remains to be one of the most timeless metals that jewels are made of. However, it’s unfair to leave all else out of the discussion while talking about precious metals.

Yellow gold is truly timeless and that is not changing as long as gold continues to bear its sunny glow and priceless look. Gold alloys like White, Greenish Yellow, Rose or Pink gold are equally popular among buyers. They bring the warmth of colors to gold which, until now, had only the single yellow tone.

Some individuals prefer platinum over white gold because it is categorically the most precious among jewelry metals. Platinum is admired for its smooth silver color, its longstanding luster and its compatibility with gemstones. Platinum jewelry usually contain partial quantities of platinum alloys like palladium, rhodium and iridium. Ornaments with above 85% platinum purity are called platinum pieces.

Silver, the least expensive of them all, is another popular jewelry metal. .925 sterling silver is the purest form of silver known.


Starfish Ring

The textured starfish gold ring is an ideal example of timeless gold jewelry. Crafted into a lifelike starfish, this gold ring strikes out with its mottled texture that runs all over the top. The sides and shoulders, along with the rest of the band however reveal a smooth, polished surface which accentuates the texture up top. This ring has a heavy feel about it because of its substantive size. It will be an ideal piece to wear, especially when you want to make a distinct style statement on either hand.


Interlocking Gold Earrings

Architectural, geometric forms in jewelry are more complex than they appear to be. The interlocking gold earrings made of 18kt yellow gold are a symmetrical and calculated interlock of squares that come together to form a uniform square on the top and a long flowy leaf-like tail at the bottom. The organic aspect of all these interlocking pieces highlights the dimensionality, especially in yellow gold.


Loose Links Bracelet

If you prefer the casual yet complicated designs of modern jewelry, then this is just the piece that deserves to be in your collection. This glamour loose links bracelet is another example of contemporary gold jewelry that boldly transcends its predecessors. While the design embodies the simplicity and carefreeness which marks modern design. It bears something in common with the traditional gold ornaments; its classic yellow gold tone and luster. This piece can be adjusted to the measurement of any wrist.


Gold Knot Bracelet

Last but not the least, this piece is one of the high-end contemporary gold bracelets that attract onlookers at just the first glance. A seemingly complex grid work of gold, this design uses linear gold lines in crisscross fashion to create a lattice that holds together in a round form. Made of 18kt yellow gold, this broad bracelet is one of those pieces that you can wear every day and with everything.


Gold Petal Earrings

Floral motifs are timeless no matter what the season. This lovely pair of gold petal earrings is another charming addition to our collection. Made of 18kt yellow gold, this pair is quite an eyeful. The piece features petals of two sizes that are alternately placed to create the illusion of a diamond shape.

The star-like petals spread over the earlobes in a natural fashion. Easy to wear, these earrings have clip- backs which means all you have to do is slip them on and you are good to go.