Shopping for an Engagement Ring When You Don’t Know the Size

As it is, asking the big question of marriage is a big deal in itself. It is fraught with a lot of mind-numbing thoughts, and of course the anticipation of an affirmative response. Having handled all that, you come to the part where you have to shop for the perfect ring for her. Now, it’s not right to get you unrealistically hopeful there with the assurance that it is an easy job. No, it is not. Finding your way to the ring that was crafted, polished and displayed for your story alone is not a walk by the bay. You have to earn it through hours of seeking. The best council there would be to take adequate time in the search. However, cherry on top, if you do not know her finger size, you’re an inch deeper in the puddle.
But, like everything else, this conundrum is not really unsolvable. There is a way out to everything and this situation has too.

Pick Between 6 and 7
Frankly, if you don’t know her size, you’re helpless there. However, that does not mean you have to spoil the surprise by asking her the specifics. Just don’t let a clue out. There is a way to solve this. Most women of average built have their fourth finger size between 6 and 7. So, that’s your safety range. Depending on her body type, pick either and even if it does not turn out to be a glove fit, it will at least not refuse to go beyond the first knuckle or come off like an oversized bangle.

The Salesperson Is Likely to Make a Better Guess
If you are no good in the game of guessing, trust the salesperson. They have more experience in guessing the finger sizes than you. It’s part of their profession and you have to let them do the job. Show the person at the counter a picture of your lady or at least give them the specifics like height, body type, etc., and they may help you find an approximately doable size. Again, there are very many fallacies of such methods, but you have very little alternatives. Some professionals have a very good haunch and they may even surprise you with the exact size.

Return for Resizing
However, none of the above mentioned methods are failsafe. Since her engagement ring is not a one-time wear, it best comes in the right size. So, once you have proposed and have her joyous ‘yes’ for an answer, you can return back to the store with the bride-to-be for a resizing. Most jewelry galleries offer to resize the rings they have sold to their customers. It will hardly take a day or two, even a few hours, if you are lucky.

Find your Ring Size

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