What to Look for in a Ring

Engagement rings and wedding bands are culturally important. They have thousands of years of tradition and are rich with symbolic meaning. Even the finger on which they’re worn has significance. On a personal level, diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands are a sign of deep and enduring love. In choosing a ring, you want something that’s compatible with your heart.

The value of engagement and wedding rings is not just in wearer’s sentiments, but in materials and effort. Such rings are often made of platinum, gold or other precious materials. They may be adorned with one or more diamonds as well as other gemstones. Even the simplest of designs may be labor intensive, requiring skill in gem cutting, wax carving, casting, polishing and other steps in the jewelry making process. Valentin Magro offers a number of services to help ensure our clients get the rings they dream of, and of the quality they expect.



GIA certification example

All of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological institute of America (GIA,) an independent third party laboratory with a history of excellence. GIA aims to make its grading as objective as possible, using a universal system which allows their reports to be understood by all. Diamonds are evaluated by cut, color, clarity, carat, known as the four Cs, and other factors. The stones are examined in a controlled environment to eliminate variables in grading and are evaluated with the help of advanced machinery.

During grading, GIA notes any and all identifying characteristics of an individual diamond to help prevent it from being confused for another stone. Certificates can either be Diamond Reports or Diamond Dossiers. The former includes diagrams showing the number, types and locations of clarity characteristics of the diamond to serve as a type of fingerprint. Measurements, fluorescence, proportions, symmetry and polish are also noted to help distinguish a diamond from others. An optional step is for GIA to engrave an ID number on the girdle of the jewel for easier reference.

Similar to GIA’s Diamond Reports are their Diamond Dossiers. This is an abbreviated form of certification, used for diamonds under 2 carats. As with Reports, the four Cs are evaluated, as are measurements, proportions, polish and symmetry. Diamonds that are issued dossiers still receive ID numbers and come with an ID engraving option. However, there is no diagram plotting the presence and types of clarity characteristics.

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While GIA’s grading system is known for its reliability, other organizations may be less scrupulous. Some laboratories may use a grading system that mimics GIA, but with differences in their ratings. For example, a diamond that GIA would call “imperfect” may be referred to as “slightly included” by other standards. Such confusion may lead to a connoisseur buying what they believe to be a quality diamond that’s actually of a modest grade.

At Valentin Magro, our clients’ trust is paramount. We do everything that we can to make sure that our clients are receiving jewelry and gemstones of a high standard. Providing certification from a single laboratory to eliminate confusion over what a particular grade means. Diamond rings are supposed to represent love and happiness. We won’t do anything, even by accident, to mar their beauty.

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Custom Rings

Custom made rings

Valentin Magro offers an array of engagement rings put together with meticulous craftsmanship and designs. Our engagement ring page features solitaire rings, three stone rings, rings with halos, colored gemstones, pave diamonds, split shanks and other fanciful styles. As proud as we are of our designs, what’s most important is our clients’ satisfaction. If you have trouble finding the ring of your dreams, we’re happy to help you make it a reality.

Our custom diamond collection allows clients to design the ring they’re looking for. The page for wedding bands shows an array of styles including pave bands, crisscross shanks, eternity bands, common prongs and more. When a connoisseur finds a style they like, they may click on the “details” button to determine the precious metal, band width, diamond quality and ring size they desire.

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The “Design Your Perfect Engagement Ring” ring page is laid out differently. On the right side of the page is a design board, and on the left are ring styles, diamond cuts, metals and sizes to choose from. With seventeen bands, eleven cuts, and five precious metals to select, it’s easy to make a unique ring. At the bottom of the page is a listing of available diamonds to choose from, with filters to help narrow your criteria for your perfect jewel.

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For those who want additional flexibility in choosing their rings, Valentin Magro also offers loose diamonds for sale. Sometimes finding the perfect diamond first can inspire ideas for the best ring to mount it on. We offer loose diamonds of nearly every quality and value. Our clients can select diamonds from any factor of their choosing, from shape to carat and even fluorescence.

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If you’re looking for a style that isn’t featured in our custom diamond collection, we at Valentin Magro would be happy to make it for you. One of a kind are among our specialties. We have collaborated with clients to create casual designs, elaborate confections and everything in between. Every piece receives special care and consideration.

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Shipping and Returns

After placing time and effort to help make the ring of your dreams, we want to make sure it arrives to you safely. All domestic orders are fully insured and sent through FedEx. For security purposes, all packages must be signed by an authorized adult upon receipt. Your privacy matters to us, and we will not disclose your tracking number.

To learn about the progress of your ring, please contact us

If you’re not satisfied with your ring, you may return it to Valentin Magro for an exchange or refund. All packages must arrive at our office within 30 days of receipt by the client. All certificates and a copy of the invoice must be included with the package. The parcel must be insured for the full value of the item. The ring should not show signs of wear, nor should it be altered, such as by resizing.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions that haven’t been addressed above, or wish to know more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached through our online form, by email and through physical mail. Those who wish to speak to a representative may call us between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time. For the ultimate service, feel free to schedule an appointment.


Ring Sizing

Finding the engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of is a wonderful feeling. Whether your ring is a plain gold band or an extravagant blend of diamonds and craftsmanship, its beauty won’t feel right if it doesn’t fit. It it’s too small, it won’t slide onto the finger. Too big, and it’s in danger of slipping off. Before you buy your ring, make sure it’s the right size.

Valentin Magro offers free ring sizers to clients in the United States. To request one, click on “Request a Free Ring Sizer” (which can be found under the Wedding Bands Collection) fill out the form, and hit “Send.”

Ring sizer

For international clients and those who want to learn their ring size in a hurry, please download our printable ring sizer.